Serene Yoga Retreat with Lotus Flower Retreats at Titchwell Manor

In general, having a good life balance for me is not an evenly dispersed kind of thing but more like being a mother also means that taking a few hours for yourself is an important part of self care so you can care for your family. Something I could do better is managing my… Continue reading Serene Yoga Retreat with Lotus Flower Retreats at Titchwell Manor

Fashion Edit- Vintage Groove City Jungle

Today I had a little photoshoot with my friend Rachel, whom I've met in the past from modeling. I have been looking at getting back into my "posing" swing...and get cracking on with my photography skills. Rachel was a star and was happy to be able to work with someone who is understands the look… Continue reading Fashion Edit- Vintage Groove City Jungle

Autumn Cleaning

We all know that cleaning can be a bit of a drag...but it has the potential to be fun. With winter approaching it's important that you clean and dust any stuck in dust and dirty so that you can use your radiators safety. Ive had the pleasuring of being sent a "Andrée Jardin cleaning bundle"… Continue reading Autumn Cleaning

The Ultimate 1st Birthday

This past weekend was Weston's first birthday. Where has all this time gone? From squirmy wormy to toddling tot. As I wiped my burning teardrops...I asked do I keep my mind off thinking about how fast my little boy is growing? Put all my energy it planning a fun, engaging and epic 1st Birthday? Of… Continue reading The Ultimate 1st Birthday