Welcome to the start…of something new. 

The question is how disciplined will I be with blogging?

This will be my first time blogging my adventures about being an American expat living with my husband and growing family in the United Kingdom. I am a first-time pregnant lady, and soon to be “mum” in May 2017.

I find myself endlessly researching and googling a million baby products…just to find the exact item we need for our first child has become a thoughtful and tactful project to only be enjoyed for less than a year. But it hasn’t stopped us just for the security of knowing we can give our child something of the best that will hopefully super-exceed our mistakes as new parents. I will be posting about some of the products we purchased, and giving HONEST reviews…on what you really need…and what you don’t.

I am TRYING to learning a hypnobirthing method, prenatal yoga, and practising relaxation in preparation for my child’s upcoming birth in less than a month. While there is pressure to be an organic and perfect mother…all I can say is that I will do my best and hopefully my effort to do so is will create some giggles for you to experience in this blog!

Generally, I pass my time working as a creative mind on many projects mainly with fashion photography and workshops. Working as a model for the past five years, going to pastry school, then business and eventually ending up in social media marketing. Now heading full force into full-time motherhood and hoping to make a career out of “motherhood” and the true importance of raising confident and happy little humans.

I strive to reach out and give a confident and positive outlook to my readers that motherhood can be glamorous and hilarious! I hope my triumphs and mistakes as a first time mum will entertain you, and struggles I do encounter will be entertaining lessons learnt.

So, if you enjoy fashion photography, babies, baking, or maybe your an expat living in the United Kingdom..this blog might be for you.


Mama Cates

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