NUITRIMUM Pregnancy bars are a great snack that really beats taking a prenatal vitamin every day. It made me feel like I am giving my growing baby boy the nutrients he needs while developing inside me throughout my pregnancy. Like most prenatal vitamins they are hard to swallow, especially for those who suffer for morning… Continue reading NUTRIMUM PREGNANCY BARS: WHY THEY WORK FOR ME- REVIEW

Pregnancy Cravings. And the American foods I couldn’t find in the United Kingdom…

Funny story...I thought I had food poisoning before I even considered the possibility of being pregnancy. NOTHING would stay down for a whole month, and I had to do our weekly shopping with a scarf around my nose and running through the grocery store in a mad dash before I ended up in the public… Continue reading Pregnancy Cravings. And the American foods I couldn’t find in the United Kingdom…

What I packed in my hospital bag!

Writing from no experience I am not sure what the appropriate time to get your hospital bag ready truly is, however I heard a good time was around week 35. I was packed about two weeks before my 35th week...and it really had put my mind at ease. While I constantly think I am over packed already,… Continue reading What I packed in my hospital bag!

MummyNatal Antenatal Relaxation Course 

Bring on the stability balls... and the pregnant ladies...and don't forget the cakes!  I enjoyed making new mummy friends, learning relaxation and breathing techniques to help prepare my body and mind for birth on this six week course hosted by Blossoming Baby-Antenatal Courses. Our wonderful course leader Vickie Kennedy was extremely knowledgeable and helpful with… Continue reading MummyNatal Antenatal Relaxation Course