Baby Shower Bonanza!!! 

On a sunny Sunday afternoon…April 9th 2017

Photographs were taken by my wonderful friend Patrice Szubska!

A great baby shower organised by my friend Georgina (UK host) and my father (USA host). An American expats dream. I was so lucky to have been able to share this with both friends and family both in the United States and here in the U.K… thank you modern technology. I had so much fun at my virtual baby shower…seeing and chatting with all grandmother, aunts, cousins and the influential woman I’ve known my whole life all while 2,000 miles away across the ocean in the United Kingdom.

Back at my home in the Norfolk countryside, I was surrounded by in-laws and all the wonderful friends I’ve made over the past two years.

So pop the bottles….and say “cheers to motherhood”!

We don’t have mimosas…Buck’s Fizz or anything other than “mum-most” on a day like this!

Couldn’t possibly stay inside on a day like this bless by the English sunshine…absolutely beautiful day for the beginning of April in England. No rain☔️ no worries!

Baby Champagne favours celebrating when Baby Cates is here 🙂 !!

Grandma Sankbeil’s Mandarin Orange Ambrosia Cake

Minus the vanilla pudding- substitute for custard…still just as good…just a bit more “English”.

Setting up the connection to video chat with the party back in the States. You can tell I’m a bit frustrated with the technology!

Photo booth set up…see the results below!

Wonderful fingerprint guest book and memories!

Finally, we are outside enjoying the garden…!

We played a great game called “My water broke”. Freeze little plastic babies in ice cubes…hand out to guest…when baby comes out…the first to yell “my water broke” wins a prize! It was a hit outside in the sunshine!

The views from my garden…not a horsey person but boy do I love looking at them…from a distance.

Photo booth props and party games!

Video chatting and talking with family back in Wisconsin.

The Baby Einstein crib side music box is a favourite with American moms and it was one of the many gifts sent via the Amazon Baby Registry from family and friends back home. Review of this one will be a must!

My sister in law Amy.

The wonderful host Georgina 🙂

More family Video chat, games and opening gifts.

The Dennis’s gave us a Disney baby’s first passport! It is absolutely so cute, and I cannot wait to jet set off with the little one and our big adventures as a family!

Beautiful hand crocheted baby outfit sure to be a hit with baby’s first photoshoot from Patrice.

And now…a few lovely sunset pictures are taken by Patrice to end the shower. Follow her on Instagram @patrice_artlook4u ❤

Photo booth pictures :


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