MummyNatal Antenatal Relaxation Course 

Bring on the stability balls… and the pregnant ladies…and don’t forget the cakes!

I enjoyed making new mummy friends, learning relaxation and breathing techniques to help prepare my body and mind for birth on this six-week course hosted by Blossoming Baby-Antenatal Courses. Our wonderful course leader Vickie Kennedy was extremely knowledgeable and helpful with any questions or concerns I had.

Each Thursday at 7 pm myself and other mums tonne gathered for small talk and cake before each session started. This is where we would discuss pregnancy, motherhood and our questions. We would then start with Vickie on our yoga mats and stability balls, learning birth ball movements and pregnancy exercises by electric candlelight and lavender scented dimmed lighted room.

As the weeks progressed to a close and we made friends in each, practising our useful techniques putting our minds at ease about giving birth and supporting each other.

For the final “session” Vickie organised a field trip for us with our partners to the local hospital to tour and ask questions to the midwives.

As a first time “birther” in a new country, with a different way of doing things as the United States…I found this extremely helpful and useful for my husband and myself. I am feeling more at ease with having a hospital birth as a reader of hypnobirthing and the Morgan Method. Attending the MummyNatal course I now have a confident and positive outlook and newfound trust in having a hospital birth, and remind myself that “I am in charge and can questions my opinions” in a hospital setting. Because my local hospital offers a water birth as a method of pain relief I feel more confident giving birth with an option usually only available at home.

Again, a big thank you to my wonderful course leader Vickie Kennedy for being a wonderful and knowledgeable instructor.

If you would like to register for her course in the Great Yarmouth, Gorleston and Lowestoft areas check out the Blossoming Baby website.

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