What I packed in my hospital bag!


Writing from no experience I am not sure what the appropriate time to get your hospital bag ready truly is, however, I heard a good time was around week 35. I was packed about two weeks before my 35th week…and it really had put my mind at ease. While I constantly think I am over packed already, but its better safe than sorry.

It’s hard to know what to pop in your bag so that you don’t look like you are arriving for a month-long holiday but also ensuring you have everything you need for your baby’s arrival.

When it comes to what to include you need to think of yourself, both during labour and after, your baby and your partner. I actually managed to pack everything in one large Calvin Klein weekender.

Although you always hope you won’t have to stay in hospital long you just never know. We don’t live more than a 10-minute drive to our hospital that I plan on delivering at so if I do have to stay my husband has close access to our house to grab extra supplies, change of clothes or anything else we may need. Obviously, if you know you are likely to be in longer or having a c-section then you can adjust the number of items you take accordingly.

I pre-warn you that a lot of things for myself aren’t uber glamorous but you I have included a few items to make my stay a bit more comfortable. I originally wanted to have a home birth but my partner and I have decided to have our first in the hospital and then have our next at-home possibly. With this in mind, I packed a few things to keep myself relaxed and in a more comfortable place when I birth our little bundle of joy.

ce Cream Party (1)

See what I packed in my bag below…


I packed two tank tops for comfort and two pairs of yoga PJ bottoms for my comfort and to use to leave the hospital in. Of course, I had to pack a pair of warm fuzzy socks to make myself feel more at home and warm on the cold hospital floor. I did pack a swimsuit top for if I have a water birth…and want to hold on to some sort of dignity…but I feel like I wouldn’t even bother putting in on. I have also packed my silky Victoria’s Secret bathrobe to feel a bit more glam and comfy while laying in bed holding my baby or after I get out of the water birth bath.

Lastly, I am bringing along my custom Blossom ‘nursing’ Bralet made ElliceLydia from her Spring Summer 2017 collection. If you’d like to have a custom nursing bra or want a bespoke customized one of a kind piece of lingerie you can now receive 10% off your order with code LIZ10 at check out!


Instagram: @ellicelydia_



In my Champneys spa cosmetic bag, I packed my Mark-Hill Shampoo and Conditioner, comb, Dove pear spray deodorant, Cocoa Butter Stretch mark creme, Garnier Face cream, Clean and Clear face wipes, Arrow chapstick, hair ties, and hand sanitizer.


And now for the luxe item…to hopefully keep me calm and relaxed. I have a mini Aroma Essence Humidifier and my favourite Lavender essential oil. I love this handheld little helper that even gives me that cool fresh breeze if it put its fan close to my face. Lavender oil has been so beneficial for me throughout my pregnancy, from the nauseous first months and the countless restless sleep. I even have this close at hand when my breathing techniques.


For Baby Cates:

Arriving in style I found most of my outfits from H&M kids and became a really big fan of the side snap buttons on the little onesie outfits, that even came with matching hats. I also grabbed some little grey socks from there as well…this was actually my first outfit purchase for baby:) I packed long-sleeved sleepers I found at Boots and found them to be nice and simple hoping that this May baby will have options if the weather is cold or hot. I made sure I had variations in size to fit his size whatever he may come out like!

Find them here:




For new booty…and first diaper/nappy changes… I packed 3 different options for sizes, Mamia sensitive wipes, and Jonson ‘s baby cotton pads for the first bathe if we are in longer than planned.


Of course, I have Tommee Tippee air style pacifiers to soothe the new baby. I plan on breastfeeding and I know the knowledgeable midwives on staff when I give birth will be giving me the guidance I need in the first crucial hours of baby’s life to be successful at feeding. Another great thing that is offered in my area is Breast Feeding Cafe for mums needing help and support, and I plan on attending if I have any issues.


Lastly, I packed two cotton eco swaddle blankets for receiving and cuddling baby when he is here. I have washed these fresh and hope to give my baby his first smell of home and comfort when he first arrives, and bringing these blankets will hopefully comfort him and myself. And who can pass up these cute rhino designs?


Did I forget anything? What did you find the least useful in your bag? Let me know in the comments below.




    • Hey Jo! Thanks for the advice! I’ve actually packed adult bigger high wasted diapers instead…recommended by a friend of mine who had a unplanned c-section. Thank you for the advice,
      Mama Cates


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