Pregnancy Cravings. And the American foods I couldn’t find in the United Kingdom…


Funny story…I thought I had food poisoning before I even considered the possibility of being pregnant. NOTHING would stay down for a whole month, and I had to do our weekly shopping with a scarf around my nose and running through the grocery store in a mad dash before I ended up in the public toilets from the smells.

When I eventually had my appetite back I would make several runs to the local shops to get what I craved that day..or sent out my husband.

Here is a list of the top pregnancy cravings I’ve had constantly throughout my pregnancy, and when consumed I felt a great deal of satisfaction and almost relief…

-WATER WITH ICE…and lots of ice so I could chew/eat the ice when it semi melts

-Mac&Cheese ( unlucky for me it had to be Tescos finest with croutons)

– Steak with peppercorn sauce. But I would settle for a big juicy beef burger (only if it had cheese on it)

-Sweet corn on the Cob with lots of butter and salt…eating almost four of the half pieces each sitting.

-Fresh Veggies with Chive Dip

-Spicy Cheese with salty crackers.

– Sour Candies/ Gummies

-Strawberry Milkshakes

Now for the things, I REALLY wanted…but couldn’t find in the U.K

  • SOFT BAKED PRETZELS- you can buy these in the grocery store in the USA

Are you an American pregnant lady living in the UK and have a list of food you wish you had available here in the UK?

Do you know where I can find these things in the United Kingdom?

…pretty healthy stuff overall, huh? It’s like a teenage boy took over my body. I always find it funny to see what hormones do to your taste buds. What have you guys craved if/when you’ve been pregnant? Have you ever sent your partner out to get you something really crazy?

All I have to say is…the baby made me do it.

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