Lalabubaby Soothe Shirt- Review 


Finally, put Weston in the @lalabubaby soothe shirt! It’s the easiest way to wear a newborn! And what I find my first nursing convenient top!

I love this stylish tank, cosy pouch and nursing bra.

Black and easy to wear. Compliments my sporty attire and hugs me all in the right places. It feels safe and secure and I’m confident holding my little guy in this.

The awesome tanks are made by a small business in Atlanta, GA! And they even do a “daddy version”!

I’m so lucky brands from back in the USA 🇺🇸 still love working with this expat!

American pride…ships worldwide!

Get yours here:

Did I mention it’s custom made to your measurements and also a perfect post pardon support shirt?

Mama Cates approved!




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