Miracle Breastmilk Recipe  

My breastfeeding journey thus far has been very eventful!

Day 1-3 spent in the hospital and taking full advantage of the midwife and staff help to help Weston latch on and guide me while we were both learning.

By the time I was at home I was in full break down mode by the six-night. I was in tears twice having my husband dressed twice to run to Tescos to get formula because I wasn’t convinced he was getting what he needed. We persisted thru and I ended up exclusively hand expressing so I knew how much he was getting. Hands aching from hand expressing my father went out and bought me the double Medela Swing electric pump that I used for two days. This resulted in major baby blues as my husband was feeding and I was expressing at every feed. I was at a really low until I went to my local breastfeeding cafè and a lovely midwife I previously met in the hospital gave me my god sent…nipple shields. And now I have found my comfort and my sons. We now feed with shields, and hopefully we wean off them soon, but for now, we are both happy and well-fed.

Get your Medela Swing Double Pump here:

I now don’t express every day and only if I need to in the morning. I had some leftover milk I put in the fridge and knew I wasn’t going to use this week so I decided to take it out this morning to get it to room temperature and use in a recipe I found on Pinterest for an all-purpose Breast Milk sort of lotion/oil.

My poor baby had developed some baby acne and I read putting some breast milk on it really helps. He had a really bad case by at two weeks and even ended up with a crusty eye…I squirt some breast milk in his eye ducks and it was cleared up by the next day. He still had some acne left and I started to put some on his face and it started to clear up overnight.

Miracle Breastmilk Lotion

I decided to make this recipe to keep the breast milk longer and to make a multipurpose lotion to use on rashes and other holistic uses.

What you’ll need:

Microwave safe dish

3.5 oz Breastmilk

5 tbs coconut oil

Eco Oil Bottom Oil (multi-use)

1.) Heat coconut oil to melt in your bowl. Do not overfill the dish with the coconut oil, be very conservative. Just barely to the brim of the dish.

2.) In a separate cup, add 2-3 drops of the EcoOil to the breast milk.

3.) Take the coconut oil out of the microwave and whisk them together. Promptly add your breast milk to the bowl, mix gently.

4.) Pour into any container that has a lid.

5.) Place in refrigerator and let sit for 1 hour.
Your lotion will now be done! Leave in the fridge for freshness. Has a shelf life of 3 months!

You can use expired milk for this lotion. I personally used my foremilk for this one, which is more on the watery side.

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