Macaron Day 2018

Macarons & More - Norwich, UK Pros: Free Goody Bag, Guessing the Mystery Flavor Correctly, and Lucky Charm Macaron. Cons: Not winning a golden ticket *who doesn't want to feel like Willy Wonka*, and the Watermelon Macaron.  On September 9th, customers waited in line for Macaron Day hosted by Macarons and More in The Royal Arcade in Norwich city center.… Continue reading Macaron Day 2018

Why We Choose *Attachment Parenting*

Disclaimer: Any style of parenting that fits your family lifestyle and what you feel works best. Only the parents decisions toward the style of parentingtheir children will be right and work for them. This is not meant to persuade you or to make you feel like you're not doing your job. I have written… Continue reading Why We Choose *Attachment Parenting*

Traveling with a Baby- And How We Made It Easy

This was going to be our first official weekend break to Birmingham to attend my husband's co-workers wedding. This was the first official 'test' run for the big travel event that would be eventually traveling on a plane for 8 hours to America, we tested it with a four hour train journey with two transfers.… Continue reading Traveling with a Baby- And How We Made It Easy