Boots- Makeover

Last weekend I was invited into the Clinique beauty counter inside Boots-Intu Chapelfield, Norwich to learn all about their You-Time services, by the business manager, Molly May O’Brien.


You-Time services cater to busy mamas like myself who love a bit of ‘You Time’ but can’t find a sitter and need to take the little ones along with, or maybe in my case… just needed a GLAM boost at 9 am while out running errands with my nearly four months old!


They offer complimentary services from anywhere in between five minutes to twenty minutes long.

In my case, Weston was awake and I just wanted a quick ‘pick me up’ that gave me that “Pregnancy Glow” that fast faded when Weston started waking me up wanting to play in the mornings.

Before jumping into the products, Molly May asked me about my skincare concerns and guided me through a skin diagnostic test. My two major concerns were dryness and radiance. You can try the quiz at your local beauty counter, or online here.


According to the diagnostic test… I am Skin Type 1.0, which means I have Dry Skin and Molly May taught me all about the 3-Step skincare routine which consists of using the Extra Mild Liquid Facial Soap, 1.0 Clarifying Lotion (which is liquid exfoliator and also alcohol-free), then finally the Dramatically Different Moisturiser.

Molly May then gave me samples of each to try on my own at home.

But I came for “The Glow”. My skin felt dull and I felt it lacked radiance and needed a pick me up to make running errands with the baby less ‘scrummy mummy’ and more ‘yummy mummy’.

Molly May said give me five minutes…

The Five Minute Glow


Molly May said she had a three-step routine that would take me from dull to darling in five minutes…

1. Conceal – A MAMA MUST DO. Sometimes I skip foundation and just swipe across and blend under the eyes.

2. Highlight (Add Moisturiser)- A lovely beauty trick taught to me by Molly May was to run the highlighter stick through the moisturiser to add an even dewier look to your cheekbones for that extra glow.


3. Spray- To set the look and add hydration!


Mama Cates Tip: Simply bring this with you in your nappy bag to spray yourself while nursing to stay cool and feel hydrated *don’t forget to drink plenty of water as well*

Clinique offers complimentary You-Time services and a free treat each time you visit. Make sure you book well in advance if you would like an afternoon service as they tend to get busy around lunchtime. However, if you want to pop in there for a morning they will likely have an open chair for you…and tablet or colouring books to keep your little one busy while you enjoy You-Time.


At the end of your service, you will receive a stamp card. Simply attend six services and receive a free goodie bag full of things to try!


Make sure you stick around for my Clinique goodie bag review…

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