Skin Care

Whether you’re a new mom or you’ve been coming hard for several years, we all have one thing in common — not enough time for ourselves.

Plus, you’re probably more than a little tired. In your pre-mom days, you may have had an elaborate skincare routine to produce a perfect complexion, or had the time to spend perfecting your makeup each morning.

But now? It’s time to simplify. The importance of skincare is always relevant but now I am a mother it’s one of the most important aspects of my beauty routine.


Most days my skin is dull and sensitive prone to redness and lack of shine. This week follow me on my skincare perfecting journey. I’ll get expert advice from celebrity skincare therapist and busy boss mum, Louise Thomas-Minns who will also treat me to a well deserved facial. I’ll be ransacking my bathroom collecting all the skincare products I’ve managed to acquire and reviewing what has worked and what hasn’t, and finally, I’ll be sharing a skin healthy easy recipe for busy moms/mums on the go.

Weston is teething this month and cuddling with a poorly baby and being up at all hours of the night makes taking time to care for my skin very important if I don’t want to look like a zombie all week.

Stick around this week and make sure you follow my blog so you can read all the exciting things coming up this week 🙂

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