U and Your Skin

I have to admit to not being particularly frequent with facials as being a new mom my time for skincare has been put on the back burner. But as my skin changes with motherhood, so will my skincare regime. I struggle for time mainly and to remind myself to take some time for a little TLC. However when I met skin guru and celebrity skin therapist and fellow MAMA BOSS, Lousie Thomas-Minns owner of U and Your Skin she had invited me to try the U and Your Skin Signature Facial and take some well deserved MAMA TLC.


U and Your Skin is a lovely salon close to St.Andrews St in Norwich which specialises in targeted, results-driven skin treatments and a 3D skin assessment planning. Their staff are all very friendly, and whilst it’s treatment rooms are stylish and sleek, they also cosy and welcoming.

I was booked in for my 3D consultation, and the reputed U and Your Skin Signature facial with Louise who incorporated the 3D skincare philosophy approach to skin health, using scientific, nutritional and holistic philosophy designed to nurture my skin back to health. She used only products which she has hand-picked for the best in ingredient technology to use on the skin.

After I arrived, my appointment began with a consultation and 3D skin analysis in order for Louise to help me to find exactly where my skin is currently at, what it’s lacking in and what products and treatments will help me to improve it.

We had a chat about my current regime and lifestyle, and any concerns I had skincare wise. This is where I explained I liked/needed caffeine and how the everyday stresses of motherhood can sometimes leave me in a less than ideal stressful state.
But today was not about stress…it was about sitting back, relaxing and obtaining some of my skin radiance again.


Next, it was into a treatment room for my facial and onto literally the comfiest bed I think I’ve ever laid on (it was literally me shaped – a kind of body formed shape which felt amazing to my perpetual bad back from all the late-night dream feeds with Weston!)

The U and Your Skin Signature Facial is a 90 minute facial (but honestly feels longer with the incorporated shoulder massage) using deep cleansing methods, mask therapy and up to 3 types of massage therapy, including our unique ‘wake up’ message.” Louise used Vitage products to bring me to help me bring the lack of radiance back into my skin. She started with a light pressure foot massage (heaven), to get my feet and body nice and relaxed. Louise used a combination of treatments for my skin including these products below that are available on her store website.

Vitage Revitalising Daily Cleanse

Medik8 Glow Oil

Vitage Skin Def SPF 30

Vitage Age Defense Eye Firming Serum

Vitage Age Defense Peptide Cream

Vitage Hydrating Mask

Overall my main concern was my dull-looking skin and tired eyes, as I’m approaching my mid-twenties I also want to prepare my skin ready to age healthy and gracefully.

Clearer, brighter, firmer skin is the result after my 90 minutes in heaven with Louise.


I have to say this facial was amazing – it was unlike any other facial I’ve had before. After plenty of cleansing, treatment was applied to my skin and then activated using a vibrating wand that gently went over my skin and removed imperfections ( this feels refreshing and like a little gentle massage).

Then the mask – the best bit! A light mask was applied all over my face (including over my chest, and then covered with a hot cloth on my face that honestly felt like was in my mother’s womb again…I know I am weird but this was my first thought of isolation, warmth and comfort…but this is optional if you are claustrophobic!) I was given a heavenly shoulder massage, and I sat in comfort nearly napping letting all the lovely mask soak in. Then it was lightly washed away and some very aromatic serums were applied to finalised my facial holiday.

After the I had finished, I grabbed a cup of cold cucumber water and slowly got dressed wanting to lay in the treatment bed and not go back to regular life for the rest of the weekend. But I had to head to reception and thank Louise and her staff. There I picked up an exclusive WHEN- The Last Choice take-home treatment mask to try to relieve my experience again when I’ve had a long day and needed some TLC at home. * Will review in next post*


It’s rare for me to leave a salon post-facial not looking red and flushed and to be honest, feeling a bit of a mess, but I had no redness whatsoever, despite my mega reactive skin, and I felt glowy and smooth from the minute I left. I haven’t worn makeup since my facial and really don’t feel I need to just as yet..feeling hydrated and happy!

I also felt my redness was reduced significantly, and my skin has been calm and clear since my treatment. I literally cannot wait to book my next facial, and I highly recommend it for someone wanting to improve their skin, maybe don’t have the time to wear much makeup and feeling confident enough to go makeup-free even!

Mama Cates x

*This post contains PR samples and complementary treatments, but as always, I never recommend anything I don’t love or wouldn’t purchase myself.

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