My Skin Care Collection: The Good and The Bad

I’ve been majorly sucking in the skincare department for far too long now and I’ve been trying my best to at least cleanse, tone and moisturise a few times a week.

I love buying skincare but often forget to use it as often as I should. I always try new products and making sure I do all the steps but I’ve been neglecting myself for long enough…simply going makeup-free has improved my skin but now I want to perfect it. So I’ve been trying my best to look after my skin a little better. This week has been a great reminder with taking the time for two clay mask on while I managed a bubble bath.

My skin hates everything, hormones, heat, and wind. Most of the product I purchase is redness-reducing or a calming mask. Finding the right products can be as hard as my skin changes so much. So that makes it pretty difficult to find products that work for me but I’ve plunged into my rather ridiculously large stash of products and these are my current favourites:

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish: has been a favourite of mine since moving to the UK, and I always use this the most as it’s the easiest when in the shower. My skin loves it and I can always tell if I’ve not used it in a while. If I’m in the bath I will leave it on for a little longer as a sort of quick-fix mask and it’ll sort out any breakouts.

I’ve acquired different Clinique products and Three Step Systems starting when I was breaking out when I first came to the UK and recently a sensitive collection since my skin has cleared but redness has continued. I have always loved the simplicity of Clinique for a general simple and clean routine for my skin. I always have trouble finding a toner that doesn’t break me out or dry my skin to buggery but this makes my skin so soft!

I got the Lierac Paris Comfort Peel and it’s my favourite product for when I get stubborn chin spots This is basically a game-changer for me and my off again on again spots! I use this after applying cleanser and toner. I’ve also been using it randomly since having really bad flair ups to cool my face down and help the pain. You can feel it working and I love love love love this!

The Clean and Clear Dual Action Moisturizer is a close second (purchased in the USA). Helps treats spots and acts as a great moisturiZer.

Bio-Oil is just pretty much awesome. Used since pregnancy and beyond to prevent stretch marks- and also use as a moisturising face oil.

Talking of moisturising this is my stick in your travel bag, purse, etc go to. Garner Moisture and Nourish is a thick and creamy perfect cold- morning pick me up. It really wakes up my eyes when I’m feeling tired!

Now for my favourite clay mask: Quick Fox Facials- Calming Clay Mask. This is my stress repeater/ night “mama time” in the bath mask. It calms down my skin after an exfoliating session and smells sweet. The calming clay is almost heated when applied and cool when dry. My favourite thing to do is put a warm towel over my face for a few minutes and escape while I let it soak in.

Now for my two favourite application ready mask.

1st- Detoskin Gold Wrapping Mask:

I feel luxurious and like Kim Kardashian or something when I put this on. Again, this is hydrating and moisturising. Imagine wrapping your face in warm gold silk. I like sitting in this mask for as long as possible to let all that 24 pure gold into my skin…

2nd: (NEW) When: The Last Choice- U and Your Skin Exclusive

After my amazing facial last week, I opened this bad boy ( and a glass of wine) and relived my facial all over. Add hydration to my skin has become a top priority and using this mask has helped me achieve and maintain my new healthy skin!

Now the $hiT List:

I am Not a fan of a grainy textured mask I’ve come to realise. I gave Organik Botanik a go purchasing two product the oatmeal face scrub and the brown sugar face scrub.

My skin is just too sensitive for this, and application is really difficult.

The products smell Amazing: but the results are simply redness and nothing 🙂 I love how the products smell so I’ll have to be on the lookout for non-scrub products.

Normally I like Garner but I learned the cheaper the wipes the possibility of a crap product. These dry out pretty much instantly once opened. However, I use to apply my cleansing polish.

Mah product: Clearasil Rapid (I don’t think so) Action Treatment Cream. I love this size of this but it simply hasn’t shown any results. Just sitting in my basket for the fun of it I guess!

So that’s my current skincare regime! What I use and what is pretty much useless in their original form.

I’m not going to lie and say I do it every night because some days it’s a miracle if I actually get changed to go to bed but so far so good on the skin front! I really notice a difference whenever I have a good set of skincare so I’m hoping this will keep up the good work.
I have these in my bathroom to use as my skin changes and that’s why count.

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