Decking The Halls

Fa la la la la la la…

‘Tis the seasoned folk and every year more in our home means every year more that we collect Christmas decorations, rearrange furniture and maybe add a gingerbread house to the “decking”.

This year is the first time I’ve found a wreath pretty enough to put up…and that was difficult within itself- two command strips and some leftover Christmas ribbon. But I’m pretty impressed with the outcome of my ¬£12 TKMAX finds! This faux wreath is beautifully decorated and hopefully last me a few years. I wish I could hang a wreath all year round so I need to start collecting seasonal wreaths. I love how warm and inviting they are especially when you have guest over and it is the first thing they see.

This year is also special to us because it is Weston’s first Christmas…which means us as parents will remember this Christmas for the rest of our lives and Weston will load of have the pictures to look back at one day.

Our Tree:

We’ve had a most wonderful tree from Balsam Hill UK for every Christmas in our home.

My Christmas tree decorating style is classic, rustic and full of memorable ornaments. I love having a tree that reflects my family and our style in general, which is normally thrown together with love and memorable moments.

We ordered a few personalised ornaments this year including this wonderful rustic wood slice from Holder and Hook.

Here is our Chicago ornament from our trip last year to visit family and spend some time in the city. Also funny enough the place we believe to have conceived Weston! Chicago is a special place for us, and we love exploring this great city. I’m so happy I found this piece before we left. Now I honestly think we need to find a Wisconsin ornament…

A couple of months ago I was on Instagram searching for a craftsperson who made Christmas baubles and came across Laura Godbold and feels in love with the opaque personalised “First Christmas” design. I preordered and even had the option to choose the ribbon colour for the top. I really love this modern and unique bauble and I am happy to have it on my tree for years to come.

I was exploring Berrys and Grey in Norwich the other day and was searching for a few little extras to decorate the house with. I came across these cute little jingle bells that just can be used as tree decorations or…to use as jar fillers as well.

Some other little DIY projects I did for around the house was this gorgeous felt forest tree I found directions off Pinterest:

Make your own here:

Our fireplace is decorated with another customised letter light board, a few paper decorations, wood stag and potted faux Winter plant from Next.

Close up of the mantle with the light board that we switch on at night.

I’ve also hand-crocheted with Merino wool in Caramel and used a picnic basket to set up a bit higher. I love how rustic and homey this looks next to the fireplace. I adore having a fireplace to read books and cuddle with my family on cold days. Especially this time of year when you slow down your life for a minute to remember to spend time and cherish family. A nice cosy fire is a perfect way to take a break from the Tv (we don’t put this in the same room) and just enjoy each other’s company.

And what is Christmas without a Gingerbread? This year, of course, I decorated this one by myself. But you bet I’ll be doing this with Weston as soon as his motor skills allow him to. Granted this was a pre-made gingerbread house I purchased I did skip the typical candies provided and dug up some I had in my pantry and threw some red glitter on it and called it “Decorated”. I did try my absolute best with what I had at 11 pm at night. Red glitter still stuck on the carpet I just let it pass calling it extra decor.

A must-do tradition for us is Christmas cards, considering I have all my side of the family living in the states. We normally don’t get to Wisconsin in the winter around Christmas because of the weather and what my husband calls dangerous snow conditions. Last time we went to Wisconsin in the winter was February 2015, which we landed in O’Hare Chicago Airport to so much snow we couldn’t see the ground until we were physically on the ground and spinning off the road in Madison. I think one year we will have to go so Weston can experience the snowfall- and make snowmen and sledging etc.

Our Christmas cards were made on Vista Print and our photos by Jess Wilkins Photography.

I always have fun decking the halls and really getting into the Holiday spirit. Because I can not be close to some of my family back in the states, the family becomes very important and spending precious moments together and marking memories become very important to me.

I hope you all feel the holiday spirit and enjoy decking your halls. Share your favourite holiday decking decorations or traditions with me:)


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