They See Me Rollin’ With CarShop GB


Last week we had a great opportunity to borrow an Audi Q3 S-line from The CarShop in Norwich, Norfolk for the week because our family is at the stage of wanting a second car after receiving my UK licence…WOOHOO!

We had a great experience with Carshop, who is considered the best-used car retailer in the industry winning 2017- Used Car Independent Retailer of The Year Award, from the Motor Trader Awards.

Mama’s Brownie Points Awarded Because…

*There are over 4000 cars in stock to look at online!

We are fortunate that we have some savings and essentially are looking to buy our car outright. But if you need to finance you can start your application online at …it only takes 60 seconds!

*If you have a car to trade in (this time we are keeping our current Vauxhall Astra) you can get an evaluation on the website. It’s very simple.

*Price Match: If you find a car cheaper somewhere else within 48 hours of purchasing…THEY WILL REFUND YOU THE DIFFERENCE! I found this be truly excellent from a used car group to even offer.

So let me take you through our CarShop Journey…

From Home to Norwich City

A prominent location and easy to get to…the car park was massive of course! They even have their outdoor showroom organised by the category of the car (SUV, Sport/Performance, Hybrid, etc) which made it easy to locate the exact car you are looking for.



When you arrive you are greeted by someone, and because of the wide range of cars that are sold they make sure a dedicated team of staff are there to help.

We had a lovely and friendly lady help us, who also giggled and interacted with Weston. Those little touches are so special when purchasing a car.

The Sit Down


We take a seat in a comfortable, open and welcoming area…big enough for a pram and for Weston to have some room to wiggle about!

After collecting our information and evaluating what payment plan would work best for us, we are shown two options for different cars. We ended up picking the Audi Q3 S-line, which we think is perfect for what our growing family needs.

TEST DRIVE: Normally at this point, you would then test drive your car and if you see fit afterwards…confirm everything with your dedicated staff member and let them know you’re happy to go ahead.

Finance Options
Once you’re happy with your choice you would then discuss finance options with a business specialist.



We had a wonderful experience with our car reveal…

Carshop makes purchasing a car and experience. The car reveals they do makes you feel like a little 16-year-old girl from My Super Sweet 16 on MTV…

(See the boomerang on my Instagram)

car re

We were so excited to take our new car for a spin! CarShop even ‘Swagged’ out our car with drinks in every cup holder nearly…candy and popcorn in all the armrest and compartments, a full car cleaning kit, and even VIP tickets to BTCC racing day with Aiden Moffatt…which is actually going to be our first date ‘day’ since having Weston.

Swagged out and ready to go, we decided to let my Instagram followers vote on our Mystery Road Trip we were going to take with our new Audi for the day.

Voted by-poll my followers had the option to send us to Colchester or Southwold.

Southwold was the winner!


So we headed up, packed up and set off for the seaside for a family fun-filled day!

The rest of the week I spent rolling around in #coolmama style and my husband basically telling me every cool little feature about the car itself. If you’re interested in that you can view my dedicated CarShop story on my Instagram Highlights.


Overall, a truly fantastic experience, and cannot recommend enough… If you are looking for your next car be sure to give CarShop GB a try, you never know with the number of vehicles they have to offer and experts at hand… you may come away with the vehicle even you never expected!

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