April: Cesarean Awareness Month

c section
I had an elective C-Section
I studied the books.
I learned how to breathe.
I took all the courses that I might need.
I had an elective C- Section
I practised Hypnobirthing.
My lung clasped.
A week in the hospital with tubes running out of my back.
I had an elective C- Section
Extreme anxiety had set in.
I had an elective C-Section
They told me I couldn’t push.
24 hours in.
“No sorry we can’t CANT give you gas and air”
Please, take this epidural
Lose control.
Give power to the US.
Lay there.
I didn’t want an emergency c-section.
I was scared…just laying there.
I told my husband…
“I want an elective c-Section”
Saturday, May 20th, 2017
I lay there at 2 pm. Scared of an allergic reaction to induction. I started to feel hot.
I had an elective…
4 pm
I was rolled into surgery. The doctor called roll call and as everyone stated their name and job they were to perform HE said “patient” and I answered … “no ..mother”
I had an elective c-Section
My husband entered the room.
I was happy as can be. I felt relaxed and I was singing a tune then I remember seeing my husband in scrubs and thinking how handsome he looked.
I had an elective c-Section
My waters broke and I felt like the waves of the sea were crashing at my feet.
A little pulling and stretching.
My husband said he saw smoke…
I had an elective c-Section
I hear his cry
I see his little body rise above the curtain.
I had an elective c-section.
The nurse took him away…I didn’t like that.
She took all his stats and wrapped him up.
I couldn’t see his face.
I had an elective c-Section
My husband was holding him, I begged and pleaded for him to lean him down more so I could see him.
But my husband wasn’t confident with holding him and I begged as I tried to peep at my child’s face over the blankets he was wrapped in.
I had an elective c-Section
I was stitched up and all I wanted was to have that skin to skin….put him to my breast…
I had an elective c-Section
I finally had my baby.
He was nursing and I was in heaven.
I was scared I wasn’t doing it right.
I was so in love.
It was meant to be.
It was all worth it.
He came into the world undamaged.
He came into the world calmly without any need for an emergency or fright.
I was calm. I was filled with emotion.
I gave birth.
April is Cesarean Awareness Month I felt like sharing with you all a little poem I wrote about my birth experience.
Whatever situation you are put in, you are the mother.
You are not alone.
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