The Ultimate 1st Birthday

This past weekend was Weston’s first birthday. Where has all this time gone? From squirmy wormy to toddling tot.

As I wiped my burning teardrops…I asked myself…how do I keep my mind off thinking about how fast my little boy is growing?

Put all my energy it planning a fun, engaging and epic 1st Birthday? Of course. Whatever keeps me from crying…

Let’s start with one of the MOST IMPORTANT elements of planning a first birthday…any birthday…


Research and Instagram stalk cake makers…

@Ellesebakes fell into my fast typing hands when I was watching my local Great Yarmouth stories… a lesson for all you on how to utilize social media…

A big requirement and request I had was NO Fondant! I despise the dry, tasteless, old toothpaste cake covering. I needed a talented and creative cake maker who’s caked not only look great but taste excellent.

As the first step, I took in party planning the theme and idea changed and through MANY messages, Ellesse stuck with me and help me create the perfect cake for Weston.

She not only went above and beyond to help me create the cake but she obviously researched my Instagram and my LOVE for macarons…and incorporated macarons from my favourite Norwich shop that hand makes them.

Planning the cake helped me develop the overall theme for Weston’s party…

WILD ONE- with woodland, natural and cute animal elements!

Also, me doing my Instagram research I meet a superstar #BOSSMAMA who does incredible party decorations and modern children’s party hire toys!

Once I told @playdatewithmycrew my theme she had a perfect idea and helped me make my food/treat table a real showstopper!

Balloons, Decor and More

I love this balloon arch filled with all the colours to coincide with the party theme. She even found the most adorable bunting with bears, trees, and more that fit the theme perfectly!

Without this decor, my table would be sitting under a non-blossomed wisteria tree and brick wall.

All the different colours in the arch pulled everything together so well. Using my already owned elements including a light-up letter “W”, “wild” sign, stuffed tiger, wood slate plates, and a fresh party jug of REAL lemonade to fit the theme helped cut cost and pick a theme I’ve already been using with Weston’s nursery.

Matching plates, cups, and napkins I found on eBay that someone was selling originally from Wilko.

My table cover was a £3 charity shop crochet bohemian blanket over a plastic green picnic blanket.


We decided to feed a crowd by doing an American style selection with European influences.

MAIN: Pulled Pork and Beef BBQ Sandwiches

🌱Vegetarian options: Cheese and Onion Quiche.


Sausage Rolls

Cowboy Beans: Regular beans add bacon, brown sugar and onions.

Salad: Three dressing options

Kiddies: Soup Bread…super easy to find the recipe here:


Originally I was going to make a grazing platter but I was running low on time after returning from our Butlins trip so I had three different platters available and my OCD was left intact.

Veggie platter: carrots, celery, and coloured peppers…served with a dill and sour cream sauce.

Cheese and Fruit: apricot and cheddar cheese, misc. fruit and crackers. Olives on the side.

Meat: various curried meats and tomatoes.

I hoped to have a selection for everyone to enjoy..wish I took a picture of everything but I was super busy hosting and enjoying the day!


A very important staple to every child’s party is the entertainment. How are you going to entertain those wiggly kids all afternoon?

Grab a few toys from the house suitable for the outdoors, a few rides on toys…Weston received a Little Tikes car and Quad bike for his birthday…so perfect timing.

Oh, and grab yourself a Bouncy Castle…everyone loves a bouncy castle!

I normally go to a really fun playgroup at Cribs and Bibs in Great Yarmouth and they happen to rent out the massive inventory or bouncy castles and soft play to people.

A big store itself, selling all sorts of baby and children essentials…it’s also has a new “Stay and Play” area where you can pay £1.50 to let your children play on the equipment.

They also host birthday parties and it’s a BLOCK from my husband’s work. Not to mention the owner even helped me with a minor “car trouble” problem in the car park! 5* customer service!

Definitely check them out here:

Weston’s outfit: Next (found in-store last one) not available online! (Insert evil laugh).

We rented the “Jungle” theme bouncy castle and it was great for all ages! I even got to do a black flip to relive my Cheerleading days.

Thankfully we didn’t capture that moment on camera!

Overall a very memorable day. Weston may not remember it but I will remember throwing him a great first birthday!

My main point is I was SO busy planning it I forgot for a moment how fast he is growing.

Writing this now I am watching him play with his toys and realising how fast he has changed.

What he has learned to do this past year…his little characteristics.

I will wipe my tears with the sheer memory that he had a wonderful first birthday.

Now I need to slow my rope until his fifth…

***A big thank you to all the wonderful business involved in making Weston’s day really special. X Please support local and small businesses !!!

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