Fashion Edit- Vintage Groove City Jungle

Today I had a little photoshoot with my friend Rachel, whom I’ve met in the past from modelling.

I have been looking at getting back into my “posing” swing…and get cracking on with my photography skills.

Rachel was a star and was happy to be able to work with someone who understands the look and feel I like in my pictures.

We actually shot these images in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk by the seafront. Funny enough, we found this bush of greenery near a hotel and tucked in to grab a few snaps. I really ended up liking the whole feel to this…jungle in the city vibes.

Being a 5’2” woman…I had Rachel take the images from a lower angle and wore flare trousers with a high waist to extenuate my legs and waist. A simple belt helped me break up the tucked-in top and slouchy crochet jacket. All items are vintage and found at charity shops or I required back home in the states.

I wasn’t sure which pictures were going to make the cut for my feed but ultimately decide on this one…

I fell in love with the natural greenery and the building in the background giving it a mysterious feel to the location.

From many years of professionally modeling, I can definitely say it’s helped me a lot when it comes to striking a pose and feeling confident on how to pose my body to compliment for my shape.

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