Serene Yoga Retreat with Lotus Flower Retreats at Titchwell Manor

In general, having a good life balance for me is not an evenly dispersed kind of thing but more like all-consuming-projects…like being a mother also means that taking a few hours for yourself is an important part of self-care so you can care for your family.

Something I could do better in managing my wellbeing as a whole. I tend to burn out, thinking I’ll sleep/breathe/recharge later. Well… I really don’t really want to sleep/breathe/recharge once or twice a year. I’d rather that be an all of the year things.

So I started looking after myself better. I cut down on junk food. I started a regular weekly yoga practise after years of patchy attendance, and I sat down to daily meditation. But still, I was craving a space where I can fully focus on recharging my energy, so I happily excepted an invite from a fellow # BOSS MAMA, who owns Lotus Flower Retreats to attend the Serene Retreat at Titchwell Manor Hotel in the beautiful coastal town of Titchwell, Norfolk.

I was most excited to attend the day of healthy food, chocolate tasting, herbal teas, a fabulous yoga class with Restore and More Yoga and making new like-minded friends!

Arriving at the retreat solo at first was intimidating but as soon as I sat down inside the lobby of Titchwell Manor I was soon joined by a wonderful group of woman who gladly welcomed me into their group and I quickly befriended a Canadian woman who I was soon chatting about Expat life with.

Then we were ushered into the cafe area where we were greeted by our host and hotel staff. Once seated…and greeted we helped ourselves to an assortment of herbal teas, fruit juices and a selection of nutritious breakfast options to help us kick start our day.

We then had a wonderful woman owns Tosier who makes chocolate come to talk to us about the process of turning cocoa beans into her award-winning chocolate. I can not complain about the chocolate tasting and was impressed with the scientific method it takes to produce her beautiful crafted bars of chocolate.

Afterwards, I had the chance to explore around the Titchwell Manor, have a walkabout to see and just take in the pure air. We then rejoined for a scrummy healthy lunch of a Pumpkin Cous Cous salad perfect for the Autumn season.

(Mid bite shot).

After another little break where I indulged in a cup of coffee and one of the many available reads in the lobby, we came together in the room transformed into a Yogi heaven with the sounds of birds, ocean and under twinkling fairy lights.

Our instructor was Gemma, from Restore and More Yoga who has a brilliant sense of humour and a very relaxed approach to practice. We’ve always “clicked” and I was excited to be able to practice with her as she lives on the opposite side of Norfolk so being able to practice together was very special.

Gemma guided us through a Goddess practice and meditation and I left feeling feminine, powerful and very relaxed!

Hope you enjoyed this reflection on my blissful yoga holiday

Lotus Flower Retreats is coming to Norwich!

Check out this now:

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