Christmas Cookies

We all know how busy the holidays can get as we try to deck the halls, shop for the perfect gifts and prep for the long-awaited arrival of Santa Clause.

Now, in England, the children here leave him to mince pie — filled with dried fruit or the more ancient tradition of meat pies. The children also leave him a nip of sherry to chill his weary bones. But….in this household, Santa likes his milk and cookies.

I opted to make a fun sugar cookie recipe that was easy but also really fun to make with my son. When I first was researching through Pinterest I found some tie-dye cookies as inspiration and added my own Christmas-twist.

1- Make a basic sugar cookie recipe.

Divide a basic Sugar Cookie recipe in three. Use gel food colouring to die one section red and the other green.

Then roll each section together to form one big ball roll out to a log and chill.

HINT: The fastest way to chill your dough is in the freezer…it cuts down a four-hour chill to about an hour and a half…and really useful for when I need to chill something and bake in a short amount of time.

We use our Samsung refrigerator that we purchased when we moved into our home, it was our first home appliance purchase and I love the large but compact space this refrigerator gives our family. I’m often featuring it when talking about organisational hacks on my Instagram stories!

You can check out my favourite ranges of Samsung appliances here:

Once your dough is chilled you can roll out the dough and use your cookies cutters of choice to cut out into Christmas themed shapes.

Bake as advised but I would take them out just before they turn brown.

I love ..I mean Santa loves chewy cookies!

These bohemian inspired tie-dye cookies are perfect for the hippie Santa…

They are perfect for kids to make and a super-easy variation of the classic cookies. Plus it gives up moms a reason not to fuss with messy icing!

Santa…and kid approved!

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