10 Wellness Practices You Should Do As a Parent- Free Affirmations Printable.

We as parents are used to giving more than what we take. Whether you are a stay-at-home parent, working parent, the job is a big one. As parents, we are continually nurturing, caring, guiding, and preparing. We are used to the non-stop list of what needs to be done for your family. So, parents if you are endlessly caring for others, it’s time for you to replenish your mind, body and spirit. Here are 10 ways to give back to yourself and care for your personal wellness and happiness.

1.Practice your favourite thing to do at least once a week.

This could be painting, crocheting, baking, woodwork…it could be anything. Maybe going to out with your partner or friends, gardening, ballroom dancing, getting a massage, having alone time…whatever! So get out your diary and book it in today!

2. Identify what relaxes you.

This could be anything that you find meditative or gives you a few minutes to close your eyes and focus on your breathing. You could sign up to a yoga class or take time at home after the kids are in bed for your practice…or maybe walking the dog gives you peace of mind.

3. Be Present

While it is good to have things to look forward to, you shouldn’t live in the NOW. As you go through the day, look for things to appreciate moment to moment. I find it cleansing to take a break from social media…go off the grid as I often suffer with burn out.

4. Escape

You don’t have to go to far but mix up your routine by changing your scenery. New sights and sounds and unfamiliar scenery make us think about things in new ways and experience new levels of awareness. Take a different route home from work, or plan a weekend getaway. New sights and experiences are powerful sources of energy and happiness.

5. Cleanse the clutter

Going thru all your possessions and asking yourself “does this bring joy” will soon clutter your belongings but will rid of any clutter anxiety. I’ve been recently binging on the Netflix show ” Tidying Up” with Marie Kondo. Her method of folding clothes will change your life!


6. Nourish

Feeding your body good food will make you feel good. I am a big lover of junk food and recently needed to teach myself moderation and that indulging ever once is awhile is much more rewarding. I love to use Pintrest to find health meals ideas and find it exciting to try new things that is good for my body and soul. I feel much more better if Im eating more healthy and find it much more rewarding when I have a treat every once and while.

6. Read

It’s simple. Find a book you enjoy or find a book that you NEED. I adore lifestyle and travel books…but I am addicted to girly novels with my favorite being the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella. I have always loved reading and I enjoy the little escape and excitement I feel each time I turn a page in my favourite book.

7. Essential Oils

I recently fell in love with the use of essential oils…mainly because I am obsessed with lavender. Every time I smell lavender it takes me back to my spa honeymoon with my son in Northern Wisconsin and also reminds me of my wedding day, which my bouquet and centerpieces had lavender in them. I am still to learn more about essential oils for holistic and health benefits but I know they are out there. I recently learned that peppermint helps with headaches and I once tried it at a yoga retreat and was hooked!

8. Outdoors

The best way to embrace yourself is connecting with nature. Thankful England as some of the most beautiful gardens and woodland areas perfect for a stroll with the family. Living in the Norfolk countryside we often are out walking along the Norfolk broads or exploring pathways near our home. Its important to connect with nature and humble yourself with what the world gives you.

9.Compliment yourself

Its okay to boost! What did you accomplish this week? What goals did you meet this year? Write them down and keep them in a place where there is frequent foot traffic in your house. Be proud of what you did! Do these for you children so they are given praise for achievements!

10. Read affirmations to motivated and remind yourself….that your doing your best.

I often find affirmations really helpful and fun. I first learnt about affirmations for wellness when I was practicing hypnobirthing and love the little boost it gave me. I kept them in my purse to pull out and read whenever I felt stressed out or worried.
With these affirmations I’ve made to use personally I stopped telling myself that I was failing as a mother. And I started to remember that I was the exact parent my child needed to learn important life lessons.

Below I’ve added a free PDF printable of some affirmations to use when doubting yourself as a parent! Hope you enjoy!


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