Hot Dog Hot Diggy Dog- A Mickey Mouse Themed Birthday Party – Weston’s 2nd Birthday

Disclaimer: I was #gifted balloons by Bubblegum Balloons.

My gorgeous little boy recently two years old and we celebrated with a Mickey Mouse birthday party.

The past two years have been a precious gift and I feel truly blessed to be able to call this clever, spunky and amazing boy my son. Every day is a blessing to watch him learn and experience the world.
I only want him to forever feel the warm, limitless and unconditional love that mom and dad have for him.
I hope to always surround him in an adventurous and safe atmosphere where he will feel safe to explore, learn and live happily throughout his childhood.

Weston loves Mickey Mouse so we knew this was the perfect theme for his second birthday party. We chose to centre the birthday party around three colours: bright red, black and yellow. Then, added the Disney magic we experienced this past year on his first trip to Disney World. We used party decorations and beautiful balloons from Bubblegum Party which doubled as toys that kept the young tots entertained.
By using these three colours as the central theme of the birthday party, any extra party supplies can \nbe reused for another party. Making my party decorations collection growing and everlasting. The key to this is purchasing quality items to store away so throwing a party is less expensive.

I wanted to share with you how I planned and implemented a Mickey Mouse themed second birthday party for my son. And any trip to Disney World is bound to leave you inspired all year round. So, naturally, I hope this helps or serves a guide to you if you were to plan your own birthday party, whether Mickey Mouse is the theme of choice or not.

Everything was very easy to execute and I was extremely happy with how it all turned out. My favourite part of the party day was seeing the hearing my son’s laughter, his excitement with seeing Mickey Mouses face plastered all over the house and his expression when everyone sang ” Happy Birthday” to him.

He had so much fun at his birthday party. I think he really enjoyed every minute of celebrating being two with her friends and family.

Google and Pinterest were my go-to search engines for finding ideas and inspiration for the Mickey Mouse themed birthday party.

As I found ideas on Pinterest, I saved them to a specific board. I took inspiration from our trip to Disney World and implement iconic these items at the party.

I had two food tables, one for savoury and one for desserts. The savoury table had meat eater, vegetarian and vegan options. Classic English party food options included finger sandwiches, sausage rolls and quiche. I had extra pasta salads, falafels, charcuterie board, ham and cheese and mushrooms puff pastry appetizers.

Sweet treats included a big chocolate cake, doughnut wall and a kid’s Mickey Mouse themed candy grazing table.

I tried to add the iconic Disney food elements by creating the Mickey Mouse shaped Rice Crispy treats found throughout the park. I added my own flare by putting a pack of Cookies and Cream Oreo Jello Pudding into the mix to add a fun flavour to the tasty treats.

We received prefilled helium balloons delivered to our home the day before his birthday, which made set up and decorating super easy the next morning. I especially loved the confetti-filled balloon with a special ” Happy Birthday Weston” message printed on the front.

Along with a large star balloon bundle, Mickey mouse character and many mini balloons for the kids to play with, Bubblegum Balloons kindly sent me a Mickey Mouse themed bunting too!
I loved planning parties and making events in my loved ones lives special.

I really enjoyed planning and implementing all of the details for my sons Mickey Mouse themed second birthday party. As you can see, I kept everything stress free with the help of Bubblegum Balloons.

My son had a blast at his second birthday party! She enjoyed running around with his friends, playing with the balloons and eating his cake! Seeing the pure joy on his face made me happy.

You can call me “extra” or “unnecessary” but to me, it’s about expressing my love to my family in a creative way that I truly love!

Who here doesn’t love a good party? Tell me about your favourite birthday party!

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