Top 5 Antique/ Vintage Hunting Tips

So, you like me and love a good bargain or generally drawn to items with a back story.

Personally, I have always been drawn to mid-century mod and Scandinavian interiors, products, graphic design, architecture and of course always dreamt of owning a Frank Lloyd Wright home.

While I don’t expect that to happen at any point soon, I’ve always enjoyed hunting for items for my home from local antique shops, finding items I am drawn to that are unique and I feel a connection to.

1) Research

Yes, Pinterest boards and the internet is a great resource, but read books, as well. Before setting out on a trip, decide upon a style of antique that you like and you can afford. Be reasonable and expect to find a few hidden gems along the way.

2) Prices

Dealers will not put a price label on their antiques, and sometimes they put a numbered code. This is what the dealer paid for it, but also expressed in code, so you, the buyer can’t see. The suspicion is that they vary the price according to who you are.

Don’t be afraid to haggle, respectfully of course. I have been successfully able to group items and negotiate on the final price. Also, it makes the sale feel more exciting!

And if you’re at an antique fair, you may have the advantage. Pay a return visit at the end of the day. They may be more inclined to accept your offer that is lower than they are asking.

3) Quality
Don’t just go for items that excite you, make sure you are checking for quality and any imperfections in the items you are looking at purchasing. Research on location, and ask the dealer questions if you are unsure about something.

4) Be on the Look Out
Don’t just look at things at eye level – look underneath tables and on top of cabinets, shelves and dressers. Your likey to find great things looking in less than noticeable places.

5) Trends

By utilizing Instagram and Pinterest you can find things that are current with interior trends happening now. Then, when out on your out your next treasure hunt, you may find similar items at a great price in antique shops or even car boots!

Some online retailers charge big bucks for items that are popular, but if you are lucky you may find something similar when hunting.

My favourite trendy items, currently that I recently found in vintage shops, antique shops and car boots are:


Faux Plants


Here is a shot of my dining room table ft. A vintage coffee set with some great Scandinavian printed table wear. Believe I paid £30 for the whole set! (Four large plates, three small plates, four cups and saucers, coffee server and milk cup).

Also, I found a children’s wicker seat that I got at a car boot for £5 …a total win!

I absolutely love a good bargain for an item that I absolutely love…and have been on the lookout for! What’s your favourite vintage or antique find?

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