The Best of BeWILDerwood, Norfolk

We try as parents to always encourage our children to be adventurous, independent and imaginative while offering the safety of our presence and playfulness to help build their confidence.

So when we found out that we have been invited to come to spend the day exploring at BeWILDerwood, Norfolk we couldn’t wait to play in the sunshine and the treetops in a safe environment for our son.

We were especially excited to be at BeWILDerwood during one of the many fun-filled, themed events. we have the pleasure of attending “Mildred’s Magnificent Messy Fete”, which running NOW- til the 2nd of June 2019.

To make the most of your experience at BeWILDerwood, Norfolk, be sure that you arrange to arrive close to opening time. This will give you plenty of time to experience all the things that are included in your day.

Also, grabbing a boat ride to Scarrry Lake in the morning just kicks the day off with a BANG!

During your stay, you will have free parking, face painting and different locations throughout the park where you can find snacks and treats from local farmers and shops. But also conveniently BeWILDerwood welcomes BYOP ( BRING YOUR OWN PICNIC).

Earlier this year they opened a brand new addition to the park called “Towering Treetop Tangles “.

This new structure is aimed the older kids, but we accomplished it quite easily with our two-year-old son. He loved to challenge himself with the many obstacles available high up.

However, there are a few bits that the little ones might need some grown-up help with. And I also have to admit that… personally, it sure did test my fear of heights!

Since we were attending BeWILDerwood during “Mildred’s Magnificent Messy Fete”, we enjoyed maypole dancing, “Grubbles Messy Mini Games” and a special show with some great characters and a very talented storyteller.

At BeWILDerwood there is always plenty of different activities going on to enjoy during your visit, making each time you go to BeWILDerwood a bit different than the last.

The storytelling session we attended was definitely a highlight of the day. Our little guy ended up joining in with the party on stage, to our surprise… being a total ham that he is, he had no problem singing and shouting along with the older kids.

We were genuinely surprised how close he actually got. We really did enjoy watching him have so much fun!

I do think that the best attraction for the smaller ones at the park, would have to be the baby-seat zip line and slides. The pure giggles and laughs we heard from our son was priceless and made it easily one of our favourites things we had done at BeWILDerwood.

BeWILDerwood isn’t just adventure park, it is actually based on the stories of the cheeky and silly characters from Tom Blodfeld’s “BeWILDerwood” children’s books.

These characters inspire imagination and you’ll get to meet and learn about them throughout the park, like Swampy, Mildred the Crocklebog, Thonryclod, Snagglefang and the BeWILDerbats, Willow and Sticklenose, Parasquawks, Minty and Millicent, Vera the Hippopotamuddle, Moss and Leaflette and finally, Hazel the Wood Witch.

You can also take these magical characters to come with you by heading to the gift shop and purchasing your own BeWILDerwood books to take home with you! It’s a great way to encourage reading and revisit your BeWILDerwood adventure at bedtime!

With me half term coming up, BeWILDerwood is the perfect place to take your children out to learn, laugh and explore the woods!

So here is a list of special events happening this year that I think you and your family will enjoy:

June 16th 2019 (Father’s Day) – BeWILDerDads Twiggle Treat Day (Dad’s play for FREE).

July 25th- September 3rd 2019- The Bouncing Bubble Party Parade (Summer Spectacular).

October Half Term- October 12-13th 2019 and October 19th 2019- January 31st 2020- The Glorious Glowing Lantern Parade (The Biggest and Most Famous Event of the Year).

For more information and to book your next adventure head over to the website.

And to enjoy BeWILDerwood to the fullest make sure you come with an open mind, ready to explore and expect that even as an adult, you may find yourself feeling like a kid again…

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