Growing up in America during the early 2000s

There is nothing like being able to live in the safety of your neighbourhood, running in between my friend’s houses in the neighbourhood. Jumping on trampolines, playing street games and of course making your own CD mixtape for any joyous moment in my life.

You may be interested in what products, games, food and pop culture influenced my childhood growing up in a small town in a Midwestern state.

It’s safe to say these items below greatly influenced my life and is the things that stick out to me most that I remember bringing me much joy.

Let’s start with the most controversial subject, Chuck E Cheese’s. An overall place you’d look forward to spending all your hard-earned allowance on arcade games that would win you the worst prizes. Besides the good pizza (which has become a point of controversy after Shane Dawson’s recent conspiracy theory- but I’ll let you look that one up).

If your lucky you’ve racked up enough tickets to grab yourself a Baby Bottle Pop, which is an essential sucker dipped in pure sugar. Not sure we could get away with giving our kids that these days…

But these things were seriously popular!

Speaking of food…Dunkeroos!!! The only snack you wanted in your lunch bag. How can you go wrong with a sweet cookie dipped in icing sugar? The convenient packages made these very popular with kids lunch and after school snacks. The things I remember liking most as a kid came in this sort of packaging come to think of it.

Of course, at school, you’d pull out your Lisa Frank stationery set full of colourful stickers and fun activities. I would compare this to what we could consider as fun as Adult Colouring Books. I’m sure Lisa Frank was an influence behind that idea…

After your busy day at school, you would come home to have a snack then go right back outside with your friends to ride your bikes, jump on the trampoline or my favourite…Skip It

You would put the hoop around your ankle and swing the ball around while you jumped over the long tube connected to the ball. (Do not throw this at your brother if he gets you mad).

After I would exhaust myself outside I thought it was so “cool” to come to hang out inside my “CRIB” on my blow-up chairs. DOUBLE POINTS IF YOU HAD PINK OR BLUE.

And obviously one of the Bring It On films would be playing …learning the lyrics to the cheers word for word to show off to my friends.

But you know what made me feel like a Superstar? Jelly shoes. These sweaty, blister-inducing shoes were fashion. I begged for these shoes from my mom, then begged that they hurt my feet less than a week later. Obviously, I bared the pain in the name of fashion.

Finally, how could you not be feeling like a SUPERSTAR without Spice Girls Bubblegum? Collecting the stickers and having a “favourite”. Baby Spice was a mine of course.

I can’t believe they are actually going back on tour! I for one am super excited! I love Spice World and thought the movie was a cinematic masterpiece.

I have to admit…I grew up in a great time!

What’s your favourite memory of growing up? Are you a 90 or 00s baby?

Who’s looking forward to the new Spice Girls tour?


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