G.N.O Spice Girls Reunion Tour 2019 Wembley Stadium- London, UK- Ft. National Express

I am absolutely still buzzing from all the #GirlPower that happened this weekend.

A childhood dream that was more than just realised, but overachieved. Never in a million years did I think I would be able to see the iconic Spice Girls in concert. The thought never even crossed my mind, but thanks to my partners National Express (The Official Transport of Wembley Stadium) my dreams became reality.

Not only did we not have the stress of driving all the way to London and back, but travelled in style. I was so excited to bring along one of my BFFs with me who was also just as excited as I was.

Cool Info about National Express services to Wembley Stadium:

* You can book from over 40 locations in the UK, the dedicated service will take you directly to Wembley stadium.

* All coaches leave Wembley after the concert has completely finished, allowing passengers to make their way back on time. (With football matches, coaches wait until 45 mins after the game has completely finished regardless of penalties and extra time, something that other forms of public transport could not do).

So, basically, I never want to attend another event on Wembley unless I coach with National Express.

We had onboard FREE WiFi and used the entertainment system VUER during our journey to keep up entertained. There are loads of shows and channels available, of course, I had to catch-up on my American reality shows…

Travelling on the coach was so easy. They picked us up at around 12 pm outside John Lewis in Norwich and drove us to Wembley Stadium, then we arrived around 3:30 pm. It was the perfect amount of time so we could grab a bite to eat nearby before heading inside.

(My outfit was inspired by both Scary and Baby Slice, my two favourite Spice Girls).

(We also had a photo opt by the original Spice Girls movie bus)

My friend Ellice and I had amazing seats and loved that we could see the whole stage.

Jess Gynne was the opening act and I also felt so lucky to see such a beautiful, soulful artist live. Jess has made tip hits and Ellice and I pretty much sang along to her whole set, word for word.

The Spice Girls Live Favs:

Amazing set

Talented Dancers

Fun, Upbeat Crowd Energy

Fun Costumes

This video doesn’t exist

Generally being able to see your idols from childhood idols perform was pretty great.

This video doesn’t exist

(Briefly trying to show off the wristbands Wembley gave out that made the crowd into a light show).

This video doesn’t exist

So, I’ll definitely be going back to see them when they your again. Think they may be turning grey then, but as long as they keep working those same costumes I’m down.

We boarded the coach about an hour after the show finished. Both Ellice and I fell asleep instantly which made the ride back much fast then on the way there. We arrived back in Norwich around 3 am and then went home. It was fun to be able to get to London so quickly and stress-free. We didn’t feel tired or exhausted after the coach ride back because we just got to kick back and relax. No crazy transfers or uncomfortably board car rides with no Wifi.

I would gladly travel by coach again to events, business or fun!


Mama Cates has gifted this experience.

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