Our First Theatre Visit: Norwich Theatre Royal with In The Night Garden-LIVE

”Yes—my name is Igglepiggle
Yes—my name is Igglepiggle


I have to admit I was a bit nervous at the thought of taking my very energetic two years old to the theatre for the first time. I knew that whichever show we decided to see it needed to have the following taken into consideration:

  1. TIME
  5. FOOD

When I was contacted by the Norwich Theatre Royal and asked to attend ‘In The Night Garden-Live’, I, of course, could not resist. In The Night Garden just happens to be my sons current favourite show and he was already quite familiar with the characters and songs.

I had to consider that my son is a very energetic child and anything with music would keep his attention but his urge to jump and dance couldn’t be controlled.

When we arrived in Norwich we found very close parking outside of Chapelfield shopping centre which made walking without the pram really easy. While parking was expensive, I thought that it was worth it for accessibility- plus pre-show you can let off some steam or grab a bit to eat in the mall.

We oped for the 4 pm showing and it was the perfect time to match with nap times and pre-dinner making planning your day with your children very easy.

Heading into the theatre you are greeting by a large corridor to purchase tickets or toys from the show. There are plenty of options for a snack for the hungry ones, but I recommenced bringing your tots’ favourite snacks and drinks to keep them entertained until showtime. If you forgot these, you can simply purchase them from the counter and grab yourself a treat as well!

Heading into the theatre, we were offered booster seats for our child and they were conveniently located, and while in the theatre I saw a few attendants going to get these booster seats for families who have forgotten them- noting how friendly and helpful the staff are.

We were settled in our seats for a short time before the show started. I can appreciate the announcements counting down from five minutes til’ showtime…acting as a buffer for children with ants in their pants.

As soon as the theme music starting play the whole audience went silent and you could hear the sounds of excited toddlers shouting for their favourite characters or simply being memorised by the exciting stage set.

My son’s face the whole show was full of amazement. I don’t know what was going on inside his head, however, if I had to guess…


He enjoyed counting the birds on the trees, dancing to the music and waving to his favourite characters.

The show itself was entertaining for the children and for the adults if felt like the kind of magic experienced vicariously through your child and watching them light up with excitement seeing TV show characters come to life right in front of them.

I cannot fault the facilities at Norwich Theatre Royal, it was our first visit there and I enjoyed the accessibility features including conveniently located bathrooms, on-site food options and friendly staff members who help however they can.

About the In The Night Garden – LIVE show itself, the timing of the show was about an hour long-perfect for those short attention span children as well as adults hosting bouncing tots on their laps. I would absolutely go back to the theatre for children’s shows as well as maybe have a cheeky solo- viewing a show of a west end musical (my favourite).

You can view online all the upcoming shows here :


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