The Most Important Question’s You Should Be Asking Before Getting Fillers.

Have you ever thought about getting fillers done? Are you feeling nervous? Don’t want to feel stigmatised? Will it hurt?

The priority when deciding to get fillers or cosmetic procedures performed is education. It is essential to educate yourself on the vital questions that you should be asking when researching the right medical professional for the job. Today, we have an oversaturated industry of people offering these types of services that may not be the best overall choice to perform such a necessary procedure. So, it is essential that you research and then determine who is appropriately qualified to be sticking needles into your face.

We often hear of botched procedures or nightmare jobs done, just because some people might have wanted to save a few pounds, but I would highly recommend that you keep saving if you wish to anything performed to a standard that won’t leave you looking worse then when you did before you even walked into your appointment. Many professionals offer payment plans that can help make your dreams more affordable.

I sat down with Dr. Linea Stachman DMD, who is a dentistry graduate; that specialises in non-surgical facial aesthetics. Together we wanted to answers some questions that you may have had or perhaps thought about when thinking to decide to get fillers injected or any other similar type of procedures.

Dr. Linea Stachman, who is the owner of Dr. Linea Facial Aesthetics in Ipswich Suffolk. Last week I had driven to her head office in Ipswich, where I spent the afternoon with her and her team; discussing education on facial aesthetics and the importance of researching to find the right professional to choose to perform this type of procedure, because when not done correctly, it can leave you with unsightly and dangerous results.

Dr. Linea helped answer some questions that I and some of you had about getting fillers and what sort of things we need to be looking for when finding a practitioner.


  1. What educational background should an injector have? Do they have to have a medical background? Only a medical professional can prescribe medications and have a good understanding of human anatomy. If they will be performing injectable treatments like fillers in your face, they need to be able to prescribe medications to resolve any problems that may occur. It is essential that they can recognise any adverse reactions and resolve any complications that may arise. A medical practitioner will be registered on a professional register (GDC, GMC or NMC). Unfortunately, the facial aesthetics industry has been saturated with non-medical practitioners like beauticians and hairdressers, who are not registered with the GDC and are not able to prescribe and have not undergone extensive medical anatomy training. Dr. Linea not only has 12 years of education and experience in performing facial aesthetics but her medical background as a dentist, which helps her have a great understanding of facial anatomy and the human body.
  2. Are they fully medically insured? All medical practitioners must have full medical indemnity cover for any problems that may occur. They must be fully insured for all the services and treatments they provide.
  3. What results can I expect? This will depend upon which fillers are being used, the treatment area, and how much of the product is being used. Your age, sensitivity, and ability to recover can also affect your downtime. However, the first day, you may experience some redness; this is usually from the treatment area being sterilised numerous times by the practitioner before and during the procedure. The next day you may have some tightness or tenderness in the treatment areas, possibly some swelling, again depending on the area of treatment and what product was used. If you are getting lip fillers, this may vary, and they tend to feel more sore at this time. Then after a week, things will start to settle, but you may feel bumps under the surface of your skin. Finally, at approximately two weeks post-procedure, you should feel regular and even. It takes 2 to 4 weeks for the filler to integrate into the body and settle down.
  4. Do I need to change my skincare routine? Not really, you can come to the appointment with makeup on as normal as the areas being treated will be cleaned and sanitised correctly before any treatment commencing. It is advised not to apply any makeup for 24 hours after treatment to allow healing and avoid any potential risk of infection. Dr. Linea applies a soothing post-procedure balm which contains healing properties. She also can use a cosmeceutical make-up with arnica into the area to disguise any redness immediately after treatment so nobody would know you have had treatment if you are going back to work, or you haven’t told your partner what you are having done. She is used to being discreet! I was also advised not to have any facial or chemical peels within the first two weeks or expose my face to any extreme heat like saunas or sunbeds. Your regular skincare routine can be continued after 24 hours, making sure you are not using any harsh products.
  5. What type of fillers or product will they be using? Each filler and product used varies, some gels are harder, softer, rigid or can be fluid, and depending on what chosen treatment determines what product is used to achieve the desired look. Dr. Linea assesses each individual to see what is the best filler to use for that person, and each treatment plan is tailor-made for the individual. For my treatment, they used Stylage by Vivacy, and this is a great filler to use for profile balancing and adding definition to the jawline. Dr. Linea will also be using the cannula technique which is what she uses for dermal filler treatments that require precise placement, and is a much safer technique, reducing the risk or trauma, swelling and bruising – unlike using a needle.
  6. Will it hurt? The process should be painless, but you may feel a slight pressure. A topical numbing cream would be applied to the planned treatment area for some time before commencing. Depending on which method is being used by your practitioner, you shouldn’t feel any pain. Dr. Linea always uses a cannula, which is a more comfortable method of filler placement to patients. Most dermal fillers also have numbing agents in them, so injecting a small amount as treatment starts, helps to make the area more numb as the treatment continues. Dr. Linea and her team try to make their clinic a calm, relaxing environment for their patients; they are a friendly team that understands patients may be nervous about having treatments. When getting my fillers I ‘zoned out’ and felt it quite relaxing, you can easily breathe your way through, but it is important to keep still of course.
  7. How much does it cost? When you decide to get fillers, you not only have to look at the cost of the treatment but the quality of the products being used. Once you understand what you would like to achieve, you can work with your practitioner who can help you decided on which package they recommend or if you would need something more customizable. Dr. Linea does try to make their prices as competitive as possible; the products they use are high quality and always prescribed from a reputable pharmacy. Dr.Linea charges per syringe of filler. Prices start from a reasonable £325 per syringe, but she always listens to what a patient wants to achieve and can formulate an ideal treatment plan for the patient. She understands treatment plans may need to be tweaked to be more affordable, which is why they also offer a 0% finance option with a specialised patient care finance company to spread the cost of your treatment.
  8. What are the potential side effects? You may experience bruising; however, this depends and varies by person. Before any treatment, it is best to always carry out full medical consultation to ensure you can have any aesthetic treatments safely or if there is a higher risk of bruising if you suffer from a medical condition or take a particular medication. You must research aesthetic treatments and practitioners prior to going ahead with treatments which have detailed knowledge and understanding of medical conditions and medications.

After our discussion, I decided that I would like Dr. Linea to grant me some killer fillers. After a few painless needles, I discovered I had not only a more defined set of cheekbones, a sharper jawline and a brand new chin, but I had no I idea it would ultimately help bring out my improving smile. My face felt structurally balanced and more symmetrical. Receiving fillers corrected something I felt would enhance my smile and profile; I found this confidence within myself I didn’t know was there! I had previously accepted my lack of chin and jaw after suffering from an overbite that I was already currently trying to fixing with Invisalign. But after getting my fillers done, it not only corrected these problem areas; it fixed my overall smile, both inside and out. I look natural thanks to Dr. Lineas techniques and expertise, and I now smile a little brighter than I did before.

I wanted to share my real experiences with truth and transparency because I had decided to get fillers. I am already a fairly confident person, but I felt there were a few areas in which I could accentuate and sharpen my features — leading me down the path of searching for different types of practitioners to help me achieve what I was looking to improve in the profile of my face.

There are many people in the world getting procedures done today with them becoming ever more prevalent in our society. I believe it is fine to love yourself with enhancements and this does not make people self-indulgent; some use facial aesthetics procedures as a way to give themselves the confidence to find a new job, perhaps go on a date or post a selfie online.

Transparency is a priority when I discuss cosmetic enhancements. I do view this subject like I see the tattoos on my body or any other body modifications with love and acceptance. My tattoos make me feel colourful, and fillers make me smile bigger, there isn’t a difference in my eyes. People often stigmatise both people, and I think it is essential to break this taboo. Ask yourself why shouldn’t you feel better? In my own experience, If it makes you feel happy about yourself, then you are on the right tracks.

I hope that you not only find this blog post insightful but also use this as a tool when perhaps you are deciding on who you choose to perform any facial aesthetics in the future.

You can find information on Dr. Linea and her team here:

Clinics in Ipswich, Norwich, Colchester, and Bury St. Edmunds

For bookings and enquiries at all our clinic locations, please call 01473 226847 or email

** This post contains gifted items.

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