Norfolk’s Most Inspirational IG Mamas To Follow Now!

Ever wonder what makes us Norfolk mama’s so unique? I talked to a few of my favourites to get a behind-the-scenes look at what they love sharing most to their IG platforms!

Do you remember when you first joined Instagram? I joined just over two years ago after falling pregnant with my son, and I wanted to make connections with other local mamas. Instagram was a home-away-from-home in a way that gave me insight into life in Norfolk after moving here from the USA. I wanted to ‘cyber-stalk’ the culture, so to speak; find activities to do with my family, be creative and make some new friends along the way.

After choosing to start my own blog sharing my experiences with being an expat and a new mama, I began to spend my days even more distant, and I became more isolated in a world filled with dirty diapers, boogies and watching Baby Shark on repeat…

Instagram gives us access to all of us, lonely new mamas. Access to something bigger. Access to something better. Access to something that would take us out of our lives and our homes and our towns and connect us with a more exceptional picture, a different story, a veritable promised land filled with old friends, new jobs, and maybe even entirely new lives…

In 10 years’ time the word “Instamom” was to be found on the lexicon, and for becoming a social media influencer to officially supplant starting a mum blog as a side hustle for new parents. But it takes a lot of hard work and ingenuity to stand out from the crowd.

Here are my picks for the MOST INSPIRATIONAL MAMAS you should start following ASAP because they are currently crushing it in NORFOLK!

Kerry Sickelmore

Instagram Account: @mother_to_one_x

Number of Followers: 7.4K

It’s been about five years since Kerry has been on Instagram. She shares her bright adventures as ”Just Another Mother, Doing Her Best” with her 9-year-old daughter, Lai. Kerry’s feed is colourful, vibrant and highlights some great Norfolk coastal activities that you can see both her and her daughter enjoying together. She shares her adventures at the beach, playing amusements, festival- going and sharing ice cream with a side of giggles with her daughter by her side. Kerry’s feed is one to watch for inspirational fashions for tween girls and women that are often seen in bright colours and animal print! This dynamic duo inspires creativity and brightens up my Instagram feed.

“I initially started to keep a photo diary of my daughter and share toddler outfits; little did I know what I would really discover. Over the years, I have made lots of new friends even meet some in real life and just adore the community of support and advice from other fellow mama’s or dads. I have followed several families on there back at the start and still do now and to have seen their families grow and develop over the years is amazing! People from all walks of life supporting each other and sharing their daily lives and parenthood all in one app! Daily inspo and just sometimes someone to talk too and let you know you’re not alone,” Kerry explains.

Emilee Bradford

Instagram Account: @frolicandfro

Number of Followers: 8.5K

”I started taking Instagram seriously around two years ago, mainly due to the fact my full-time job is in Social Media and PR, so I wanted to gain as much experience as possible in the social and influencer world. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been obsessed with taking photos too, so the two went hand in hand really! I started blogging not long after this which I mainly use as a way to document my travels and store memories”, Emilee explains.

”It’s been such a great journey so far, and I’ve made so many friends from Norfolk and around the world. Being present on Instagram has allowed me to work with some amazing brands in the fashion, beauty and travel sectors and allowed me to earn an additional income. Anyone looking to start their a blog or to grow an online presence on Instagram, should be aware of how much time goes into it, but also that the benefits are definitely worth the hard graft,” says Emilee.

Emilee shares bright, pastel surroundings and truly understands how to capture street style and architecture. Her photographs bring Norfolk to life with pictures of coastal towns and historic Norwich gracing her Instagram feed. Emilee often can be seen jet setting around Europe, so make sure you give her a follow if you are looking to plan your next adventure!

Emilee is super-responsive to her audience and supporters. She’s a great gal who values her community and supports however she can!


Instagram Account: @norfolk.girl

Number of Followers: 2.9K

”I’ve been on insta for around seven years! It was very different back then! Lots of random filters shared all sorts of stuff and just a bit of fun! I love IG now to connect with people, and I’ve made so many friends through here which has been so amazing! Particularly now I’m a new Mummy, without the support of my Insta mum friends and gorgeous follower friends not sure how I’d have got through the past 6 months and am so grateful for their support,” explains Louisa.

Louisa shares her journey of motherhood with authenticity and dreamy, bright feed that makes her followers feel an angelic and wholesome glow emulating from her photography.

”I think it is important to share as it can also help other people too during their journey! I also love, love, love looking back and having all my memories to look at on my grid, and how was my baby ever that small”, Louise says.

”We went through IVF to conceive our miracle baby so feel so proud and blessed to actually now be a mummy after a long wait! I enjoy finding new and inspiring accounts to follow and to learn from and I, of course, have my favourites but do feel the pressure that there is too much perfect on insta, yes we all love a pretty grid but life isn’t always perfect is it”.

”I recently had an insta break, and I really enjoyed it! Great to switch off now and then from social media. I also love sharing all things Norfolk, my doggy and my garden, and also anything outdoorsy! We love going on adventures around the UK! My one piece of advice would be as a Mummy is to talk! Either to a friend, your midwife or health visitor, your family/ other half, other mums, IG friends anyone! You are not alone, and you are AMAZING! Ps been winging it since 16th March 2019”, explains Louisa.

Carly Rowena

Instagram Account: @carlyrowena

Number of Followers: 164K

Carly is one seriously fit mama, and her overall dedicated fan base of 768K across social media makes her one to be watching. This Norwich based social media star started her Youtube, Instagram, and blog just over just six years ago. Carly since released her line of work-out cards and e-books available to help you get back into shape. (I know I sure could use this while trying to get my body back into shape after my first). When not busy motivating others on social media, you can see her collaborating with local Norwich brands like Lisa Angel on her very own line of jewellery! What cant this mama not do?

“I initially started with YouTube on a whim after realising that the corporate world was not for me. I hoped that if I filmed videos on different topics, it would highlight my talents and give me an idea of what I was meant to be doing. Luckily for me, growing followers made me realise that what I thought was a hobby should be my career and so I took on a Personal Training course while working full time. As soon as I qualified, I quit my role at BMW and found myself a local gym to train clients from. Fast forward to 2019, and I am now a full-time coach with an online guide and workout cards. I also host retreats around the world, from Peru to conquering Kilimanjaro and have expanded my content to feature a little bit of everything, from fitness to life as a mum, travel, food and my more controversial sexy series” Carly explains.

So, if your looking for an account to inspire you to work-out and need the inspiration to build your boss babe empire, make sure you give this chick a follow!

Laura Dinky

Instagram Account: @dinky1711

Number of Followers: 6.1K

Laura’s feed is packed with stunning photographs of Norfolk adventures with her family. When she is not behind the camera, she can be seen socialising at local events or out exploring the beautiful Norfolk wildlife with her family. Laura is known for keeping it real and seen collaborating by photographing local bloggers which makes her a rising star within the collaborative community of Norfolk.

Laura can be seen often capturing her children enjoying life and exploring the outdoors as can be seen by her Instagram feed. But she likes to peel back the curtain of perfection in her captions on her IG, reaching out to her audience and genuinely engaging and making connections., which is one of the reasons I think she’s a fab follow!

Even so, the multitasking mama she’s been on Instagram for about three years. She enjoys sharing her family memories and adventures. Her feed can be seen doting the best Norfolk has to offer for families, and her photography really makes you want to get outside to enjoy it!

Bex Allum

Instagram Account: @allumsadventures

Number of Followers: 4.2 K

Bex has been a blogger for some time and on Instagram for just over a year, but this mother of two girls has found her rightful place in our online community. She shares her family’s experiences living and exploring Norfolk, while balancing family time, study and work. Both on her Instagram and blog

You can find Bex reviewing great crafts and activities for children, so if your looking for inspiration on a rainy day defiantly give her a follow! I love her reviews and spotlight on ‘what’s going on’ for families.

We can tell she has a passion for sustainability and environmental causes because Bex shares the causes that are close to her heart by showing her followers how to get the whole family involved!

Sophie Jarvis

Instagram Account: @sophiejarvis_xx

Number of Followers: 3.7K

Upbeat and GLOWING, and totally relatable, this vivacious mamaβ€”currently expecting her second childβ€”joined Instagram after a two-year break to find like-minded mums and search for advice about parenting.

This glowing, blonde beauty share the most adorable baby and children’s clothes on her feed- often modelled by her little girl when away on picturesque holidays… Sophie emulates a class and style throughout her home, homelife-sharing inspirational and achievable outfit post for the family. She is a familiar face at local blogger events socialising and around the mum-blog community.

Sophie is a kind soul who supports other pages and values community on Instagram!

Gina Palffy

Instagram Account: @ginapalffy

Number of Followers: 461

”I’ve had Instagram for around a year, but it wasn’t until about six months ago that I thought, instead of mindlessly scrolling and feeling like I’m at a stand-still, did I think that I could maybe add value to other peoples experiences with motherhood, some recipes and living a healthy lifestyle. I was told I could write meaningfully and I’ve always been so passionate about writing and photography but never thought I would be good enough to make a career out of it. So I turned to Instagram to use as a creative outlet and share my thoughts and insights”.

Gina’s sunshine-filled photography that displays her two boys and tasty treats makes me watching her feed to see what she comes up with next. Her photography is whole-some unposed and raw. She emulates a care-free parenting technique with a maternal glow that makes you appreciate your daily life with children…and that it is crucial to capture the precious moments.

”I am a mother to two and a very driven person. I had my first at 17, and I’ve always wanted to prove to people that life doesn’t stop when you have kids and that you can still achieve your goals and dreams. It is important to show a real representation of what motherhood looks like and what being healthy and mindful is about. I may not be able to change the world, but I do believe that if I can add insights into other paradigms and make my corner of the world a happier place, then I’ll feel very grateful”, Gina explains.

Hannah Michel

Instagram Account: @hannah.rachael.michel

Number of Followers: 1.9K

Hannah has been on Instagram since 2012, and she loves to share by taking photos and creating memories for her family as a keepsake online to share with family. Recently, I found Hannah’s IG and took notice of her excellent photography skills, and this had made me believe you should be following her. Hannah’s home interior shots featuring her kids are #goals, and I really think her skills are really shinning on her feed!

”I know a lot of people do the whole ”real-life” accounts which I personally love, but mine is more of a highlights reel. When I have a bit of a crap day, and the kids are on one…just on the cusp of a mental breakdown I can look back and remember its not all bad…” says Hannah.

I think this up-and-comer deserves some credit for her fantastic photography!

PS don’t forget to give me a follow @mamacates.

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