Best DIY Halloween Costume Ideas For The Family

Are you crafty, creative or imaginative? If your anything like me; you may be already planning and gathering material for your Halloween costume this year!

I’ve been using planning tools such as Pinterest, which has a big supply of costume ideas along with helpful tips and tricks if you do make your family their costumes by hand. And if you have not before, you can most defiantly do so this year! I encourage everyone to recycle, shop at charity and second-hand shops for their fancy dress or Halloween costumes.

I hate the feeling of wasting money on plastic, cheap clothing so I can resemble something for one night of the year. Nothing feels better than purchasing an item of clothing I know I will wear again- and especially if I can purchase something for my son, that he will continue to be able to wear after the day.

So without further or due, I bring you some cute outfit inspiration for you to use to think of ways you can get creative this year. HELLO DIY!

If you’re looking for even more ideas than the ones you’ll find here – check out my Pinterest board with some of my favourite family costume ideas


The Wizard of OZ

Last year, I crocheted a lions hat and tail for our Wizard of Oz themed costumes for my sons Courdely Lion costume. I purchased orange, red and brown coloured clothing to match and simply semi-permanently attached the tail to the trousers. He was warm and with black eyeliner pained a few whiskers on his face. For my ‘Dorthy’ costume, I purchased a vintage gingham blue dress from Depop ( an online selling app where you can find second-hand vintage and streetwear brands). I simply purchased a brown wig, and red sequenced slippers found on eBay for £10, which I continued to wear around the house! My husbands ‘Tin Man’ was simple, I purchased silver face paint, covered a funnel in foil and he wore grey tracksuit and grey shirt which I attached a crocheted red heart onto temporarily.

It felt great to have to spend money on something I knew I would re-use or re-purpose. I absolutely love Halloween, dressing up and getting into the spirit of the day. I love to let my creativity flow- and use skills I already have to make something totally customisable and unique, plus no one will show up to the party in your outfit!

Stranger Things via @morganrapp

Stranger Things is BIG, so finding a costume that is both easy DIY and a pop culture reference is a total WIN. I love this idea and think baby ELEVEN is just the cutest!

Monster Family via Tell Love and Party


Your mums’ old wedding dress and lots of hairspray. Give your husband an old green pair of trousers and green dress jacket let the kids paint some green body paint all over him, then rip up your very own stripes of old fabric to create your new zombie child and finally you can get creative with making mini wings and ears for you baby bat!

Where The Wild Things Are via Mrs.Wigglebottom


This simple outfit requires some seriously comfy onesies and a hot glue gun! Get creative with the eyes and smaller character elements. While this requires a bit more skill the overall outfit is easy to find or purchase that can be repurposed again during the cold winter months!

Finding Nemo via @socalfunfamily

This was one of my serious contenders this year, my tot loves NEMO and I think this outfit would be most easily if you have anyone in the home working in the health field and can grab a pair of scrubs! Purchase a fish costume or simply crochet or knit your own!

Rag Dolls via A Beautiful Mess


I love this cute duo outfit that can be made for a mummy and me moment, or a whole family. It’s simple to mix and match patterns and really play with creativity. Grab a bunch of red yarn and find a cool yarn wig making tutorial that you can follow along to on the cold nights leading up to Halloween!

Guardians of the Galaxy via @cutebabewithababy

By far my favourite superhero film, baby Groot is so cute..and the puppy, don’t get me started! I love this idea for all Marvel loving families!

Addams Family via DIYInspired


You may have a small party of two or big party of eight, The Addams Family is the perfect choice to dress up as for Halloween! The costumes are simple to put together from things you already own and its all about playing with embellishments and makeup. Its a great pick for smaller groups and showstopping for larger families!

Circus Act Family via @ally_trout

Do you have a circus loving family or maybe inspiring gymnast? The circus family costume is great to put together with things you already own! What act will you be?

Beetlejuice via Costume Works


This year around- I am planning on going dressing up my son as Beetlejuice after he started to shout and point at the TV when I put it on over the weekend. I popped onto to eBay and found a cute striped romper, green and white face paint along with a floppy black hat for my outfit * which of course is going to be non-other than Lydia Deetz- an easy outfit with a black wig unless of course, you have dark hair! I already knew I had her outfit- black long sleeve lacey shirt under a long black ankle-length dress. A quick style of the fringe on the wig, and wahla! I knew my son would wear his romper again and I also knew it would keep him comfortable and wear compared to a traditional stiff suit. After Halloween, the romper can double as a cute scandi-esque outfit when travelling or just hanging out around the house.

Need more ideas? Check out my Pinterest board for DIY Family Costumes

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