5 Autumn Home Decor Tips to Transform Your Home with Ciara Elliott

Currently on my own personal interior design journey in our first home, slowly growing a passion that has been mine but lacking the confidence to make decisions and struggling with my inner perfectionist, whom of course is afraid of making mistakes.
In the past year, we have worked at bringing our original parquet flooring back to life; since purchasing our 1970’s home, knocking down an ugly built-in entertainment centre, painting the walls and hanging up new curtains. We purchased a big comfy family-sized L shaped sofa and picked out the soft furnishing to finish off the look.

As the nights begin to draw in, and the leaves on the trees change to warm hues, bringing in the beautiful season of autumn indoors with cosy home decorations that can change your aesthetic and bring you comfort during these cold months. I wanted to embrace the warmth of autumnal colours to escape the chill in the air and give myself all the more reason to cuddle up indoors with a good book.

I couldn’t wait to break out the warm blankets, light the fire and cosy up on the couch and watch a Harry Potter movies. I was to ”Autumise” my home and focus my attention on learning about seasonal decorating and changing up our with the help of interior designer and journalist; Ciara Elliot who has left her job as an editor of a national interiors magazine to go freelance, who has also been a magazine editor for 15 years. Ciara has also been working on her own DIY projects in her home, which you can see by following her on her Instagram.


Caira now features as a writer and stylist, mainly in fashion titles but in the last five years writing for interiors magazines. This past week Caira has helped me enhance my home with her top autumnal decor tips – which I am now sharing with you!

5 Autumn Home Decor Tips to Transform Your Home

Bring In Textures

”To me, the route to a cosy home is to layer texture upon texture. So bring on dreamy faux fur throws and cushions with soft linens and layers textures and all in warming colours”, explains Ciara.

With a winter of cold nights still stretching ahead of us, this is the time of year when snuggling up is more appealing than ever. Layering cushions and throws on your bed oozes warmth and will give you that snug feeling.

Change Up Your Lighting

“Lighting is essential when it comes to creating ambience since it can completely change the tone and feel of a room. Good lighting should always be at the forefront of any design and knowing how to layer the lighting in your bedroom is the key to creating the best ambience for rest and relaxation. A very quick and inexpensive trick to changing up the lighting for the new season – without calling in an electrician – is to replace the overhead lightbulbs to a more cosy shade. Bulbs that have a warm amber coating on the glass give off a lovely warm effect. Or you could try an Edison bulb which will also give a softer glow” explains Ciara.

Clear Up The Clutter

“If there’s one thing that isn’t going to cost much but makes all the difference to it is getting rid of the clutter. It might be a case that we’ve all gone a bit Marie Kondo mad, but streamlining your life is very much linked to wellness. A calm home equals a calm life so if it doesn’t “spark joy,” get rid of, sell, or donate it. If you then need to factor in additional storage, try under the bed boxes on castors or rattan baskets which can be used to store socks and shoes and which can be picked up failure inexpensively in places like Ferm Living, Tiger and Ikea”, explains Ciara.

The Scent

“Scent is also important for changing up the seasons Our sense of smell is one of the most powerful we possess. I love the Italian brand ‘Ortigia’ who make fabulous room sprays and diffusers on their tiny island off the coast of Sicily. I’d also recommend Diptyque, NEOM, Cire Trudon and Irish brand Cloon Keen”, explains Ciara.

Think About Flooring

“Rugs are another good way of adding another layer of warmth into a room, especially over laminate or wooden flooring, but you can also add an extra layer to your carpet. The material is key when choosing a rug, especially in the winter when you want it to feel extra soft underfoot. A thick pile rug made in wool or silk feels soft, warm and luxurious, while a shag pile or faux fur rug are other alternatives for snuggly winter evenings”, explains Ciara.

Finishing Touches- Don’t be afraid to change you your art or add a gallery wall. For affordable art pieces, frames and picture ledges you can try online print companies such as Desenio, Junique and My Abstract House, or look for independent artists and prints you like on Etsy and Instagram.

Recently I had partnered with Desenio, an online store that sells art prints, frames and curates art prints that releasing collections and collaborations with different artists and designers that help give its customers choice to mix and match or choose multiple prints that create a cohesive gallery wall for their homes. So, I have decided to add a gallery wall to my living room using the “Create Your Own Gallery Wall” service online, as part of the finishing touches for our living room. You can learn more about Desenio here. For 25% off your order use code MAMACATES-valid until midnight, October 17th (today)
– code does not apply on frames, handpicked and personalized posters.

Lastly, don’t forget to add pumpkins, gourds and bring real natural elements to your home. I suggest using your fireplace as a focal point like I did to showcase warm lighting and textures from nature.

With so many autumn decorations to try, it’s never been easier. Just be creative!

A special thank you to Caira for your help and expertise!

*This blog features gifted products

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