Top 5 Virtual Experiences To Enjoy From Your Couch This Week

For everyone stuck at home but still grappling with being stuck at home and missing the excitement of a night out, cinema or travelling. Virtual travel, parties and viewings seem to be gaining popularity as more people find themselves stuck at home.

I have to personally admit that our household has been coping well as we pretty much consist of extroverts who actually find peace in doing nothing and feel a sense of release of fewer obligations. However, after this weekend, I decided we needed to ‘spice’ things up and I started to research online some fantastic experiences to do virtually as a family.

Virtual Disney Rides

We enjoyed our holiday last December and we actually already watched plenty of YouTuber’s who vlog constant Disney content. Our family favourite Disney YouTuber is Tim Tracker; he gives honest reviews and great POV of the rides! Plus he not only has plenty of vlogs covering Disney parks but also the resorts…if your into that thing!

Secret Sofa

Film lovers unite! Secret Cinema has partnered with Haagen-Daz and over the next 8 weeks they will create Secret Worlds of films you may have loved, may have missed or new films that you can explore from home. Hosted from a Facebook page, Secret Sofa will inspire you to dress up as characters from the film, make tasty viewing treats and transform and inspire your creativity into the world films right from the comfort of your couch! Check out the last Secret Sofa party here and sign up to join the party with us next week!

Home Retreats

Now is a great time to practice a self-care routine and what better time than now to show your support to local fitness instructors or yogis by joining their online sessions and classes! If you had to cancel and upcoming retreat or sessions, you’ll love virtual yoga, sound bath sessions!

If you are looking for children’s yoga, I highly recommended Cosmic Yoga on Youtube!

Virtual yoga classes: Corepower Yoga recently made their online classes free. They are offering free virtual classes!

The Dojo Upstate Sound Bath: – a sound bath live-streamed from this listening room!

Travel Experiences

Wanderlust or bust? You can find plenty of different free virtual experiences, tours and classes from around the world to cure your wanderlust. Did you have a holiday booked and you missed out because of coronavirus? Do not fret! Save those air miles and hop onto one of these virtual tours! These also make a great educational resource for children and their parents to interact together!


Great Wall of China

Wonders of the World

Sistine Chapel

CN Tower

Buckingham Palace

Jerusalem’s Old City

National Parks:

Yosemite National Park

Inca Trail

Northern lights

Carlsbad Caverns

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park


San Diego Zoo

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Great Barrier Reef


When your home in quarantine sometimes the best thing to do is cook and brush up on your culinary skills. Learning a new culinary skill to show off to your family is a great use of time when in quarantine. Since there are fewer options for a quick takeaway and you have more time on your hands, why not learn from one of these culinary chefs something new!

Christina Tosi

Christina Tosi is the owner behind Milk Bar, she has launched “Baking Club,” an Instagram Live series in which she shares an ingredient list one night and then leads a class using those ingredients at 2 p.m. EST the next day. Her classes have a “choose your own adventure” vibe since she gives you the necessary ingredients and then lets you pick a few others so it’s customized to your liking.

Eden Grinshpan

Eden Grinshpan is putting her whole fam to work on Instagram! She and her husband, Ido, cook Mediterranean cuisine and have shared their recipes for shakshuka and fennel salad on her Instagram stories!

So how are you going to spend this next week? Are you taking on learning a new skill, drinking and having a Zoom party with your friends? Let me know how you are planning on having fun this week in quarantine!

P.S if you are looking for some ULTA cute PJ’s or loungewear during this time I highly recommend Jockey! I am currently obsessed with the lovely lemon Rowen set. You can find this and more great loungewear, PJs and underwear from here!

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