P A N D E M I C ▪️ T R A V E L

You guys may already have know this but I am traveling internationally during the pandemic. I debated for awhile this choice but ultimately choose to fly back to the states to be with my father who is terminally ill. I don’t know how to talking about it…or maybe I just haven’t found the right words to share this story yet; but I didn’t want to hide from you where I would be over the next 35 days.

The airports are practically a ghost town, my @delta flight had maybe 24 people max and once we landed in the USA we had the CDC board our plane, took our temperature, collected this health declaration and then told to deplane. Once I arrived in customs I wasn’t grilled by boarder control the reasoning for my journey as I expected to be ( probably because I am a US citizen). The main priority is to keep the process as relaxed as possible. I didn’t see hazmat suits or Monster Inc employees scanning and poking my body.

Each person kept to social distancing and myself personally would wipe down each surface I would lay my fine backside on and all the surfaces around me.
Before flying I had a panic attack because I did leave behind both my husband and three year old son for the first time but I know in my heart that I should be here.
Rules are followed by people and life in the USA seems to be reaching or trying to aspire to a degree of normalise. ▪️▪️
Please don’t travel against government guidelines and remember to keep safe!

P.s Wisconsin people…what’s up with y’all? I can’t believe they lifted the ban on social gatherings and opening the bars…crazy.

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