Timeless Toddler Toys-Petite Amélie

May is a special month for our family. As each May rolls around we start to think about my son’s upcoming birthday and we normally spend our time forging the internet for one large toy we want to invest in. Normally, we look for high-quality toys that we feel will withstand his developmental stages as well as made with durability in mind.

Ideally, we prefer the look and feel of wooden toys over piles of plastic. Just like any other thing in life we try our best to skip the plastic stack and lean towards more natural, wooden items that can inspire our toddler to use his imagination!

After a few months leading up to May, I took it upon myself to reach out to Petite Amélie and inquire about their beautiful wooden dollhouse. I just adore the Scandinavian interior design and beautifully crafted furniture set that accompanied the dollhouse.

weston kneeling

We love to add these types of toys to his collection not only because they look great but because they feel very ”real” which gives him more of a Montessori play. He loves to play with the different figures he already knows and loves so when looking at the dollhouse from Petite Amélie I just knew that he would adore it! My son helped me assemble the dollhouse which created a wonderful memory for me and he loved to get involved by helping me use to tighten the screws. The assembly was very quick and easy and if you are anything like me…you love flatpack furniture and find it fun to build things with your kids (safely).

My son loves playing with his figures in different rooms and finds it hilarious to bathe his favourite characters.

NOTE: You can purchase the matching dolls on the website if you would like to complete the set!

You can find many more beautifully designed toys and children’s room decor items at Petite Amélie .

Register at www.reallygreatsite.com if ou want a dedicated Sales Manager to assist u during your visit. Walk-ins are welcome.

How do you find toys to inspire your toddlers’ imagination?

**This article contains gifted items.

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