Disco Made Me Do It: A Guide On Party Planning During a Pandemic

It is an isolating experience realising that the coronavirus pandemic will no longer allow you to go out to the disco or favourite concert on your birthday to celebrate with your friends.

We all to have to get a bit more creative during these time to gather safely with friends you feel comfortable with. I’ve personally always loved the practice of inviting friends over for dinner and throwing parties to celebrate birthdays and holidays in my family. Would you call me crazy if I said that party planning is a passion of mine? I don’t even mind the clean up at the end!

This past weekend was my birthday and I decided instead of feeling bad I would make it into a opportunity to invite three of my closest friends around for a little things I liked to call…. Disco Brunch. I have always loved the freedom and fun that the 1970s brought to life though fashion, music and film and decided to manifest this idea and bring the disco to us in a safe enviroment. 

You can have a great time, or do I dare say…a better time with a more intimate group? Sure. You can have a elevate your pandemic party planning game to make your and events exciting and intimate while following the rules!

Hiring Props and Decor

You can hire props and decor to make your party shine with extra sparkle. Find a supplier who can offer you a drop off service for less contact and use virtual styling to make things look perfect. You can find suppliers who will give you images and dimensions and LIVE styling though video messaging apps or Instagram DM.

Balloon arches are a great option as they normally come assembled and the decorations can be later added to complete the look. I love how balloons are easily customised to your theme and even make great toys for toddlers for a few days afterwards!


No real Disco would be complete without glitter! I found really cool and trendy DIY glitter kits that are eco-friendly  and biodegradable! We had our Disco Glitter makeovers to get us in the mood to boogie during our movie screening. 

I found American movie theater treats delivered to my door a few days before our brunch. We decided to watch “Saturday Night Fever”  and “Footloose”.  The makeovers, candy and “feel good” movies provided simple entertainment which allowed my guest to experience all those BIG party vibes in an intimate setting! 

Food and Drinks

I love the trendy grazing tables I see everywhere on social media and I think they are such a conversational way to gather and making this the centrepiece of our brunch was a must! You can find them for almost any occasion as well as for any type of food! I had set up my dining table with a beautiful grazing board, multiple different breads and spreads to choose from as well as vegan brunch options which included these tasty vegan French Toast kabobs!

When it comes to the drinks, hiring a bartender today isn’t always the best option. I connected with a company that delivers pre-mixed drinks with all the trimmings for a gorgeous cocktails to enjoy! I found that ordering pre-mixed drinks makes hosting easier as well ! My favourite drink of choice for brunch is the an espresso martini. What’s yours? 

There are many business now that and brands that are providing new services to accommodate the world we live in and  I admire the entrepreneurial spirit we have gained as a society as a result of the pandemic. I always recommend supporting the local business in your area who are providing them!

A special thanks to the following suppliers whom made this event possible.

Props/ Virtual Styling: @arrayweddingandeventhire Balloons: @pink_pop_balloons
Grazing Board @totally_grazey
Charcuterie @thereal_cure
Breads @sjgfoods
Drinks @edmunds_uk DIY Glitter Kits: @facenglitz
Candy @candymailuk

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