Bread Art- Foccacia Garden Recipe

What else is there to do in then bake and make currently? While we work on home renovation projects and spend our time keeping busy while we adjust and continue life during the current lock down…we decided to do some more baking. This time I found a really fun trend on Pinterest that involves some truly beautiful foccacia creations. Taking inspiration from flowers and our … Continue reading Bread Art- Foccacia Garden Recipe

Decking The Halls

Fa la la la la la la… ‘Tis the seasoned folk and every year more in our home means every year more that we collect Christmas decorations, rearrange furniture and maybe add a gingerbread house to the “decking”. This year is the first time I’ve found a wreath pretty enough to put up…and that was difficult within itself- two command strips and some leftover Christmas … Continue reading Decking The Halls

Skin Loving Breakfast Granola

My slightly addictive skin-loving breakfast… Granted if you have a nut allergy I apologise in advance as this isn’t going to be a great recipe for you. This granola is my go-to breakfast! Sure I love eggs & smoked salmon but this is the mainstay of my weekday breakfast & we make at least one batch a week. My husband is constantly amused at how … Continue reading Skin Loving Breakfast Granola

Macaron Day 2018

Macarons & More – Norwich, UK Pros: Free Goody Bag, Guessing the Mystery Flavor Correctly, and Lucky Charm Macaron. Cons: Not winning a golden ticket *who doesn’t want to feel like Willy Wonka* and the Watermelon Macaron. On September 9th, customers waited in line for Macaron Day hosted by Macarons and More in The Royal Arcade in Norwich city centre. They had formed around from … Continue reading Macaron Day 2018

Laction Smoothie 🍓🍌

STRAWBERRY AND BANANA LACTATION SMOOTHIE!!!! What adventure breastfeeding has been. I was successful breastfeeding for 6 weeks with the help of expressing and nipple shields. When Weston reached his first big growth leap I felt discouraged and with lack of support and fear of failure with self doubt, I started to top up with formula. Unfortunately, I didn’t listen to what everyone on the Facebook … Continue reading Laction Smoothie 🍓🍌

Pregnancy Cravings. And the American foods I couldn’t find in the United Kingdom…

Funny story…I thought I had food poisoning before I even considered the possibility of being pregnant. NOTHING would stay down for a whole month, and I had to do our weekly shopping with a scarf around my nose and running through the grocery store in a mad dash before I ended up in the public toilets from the smells. When I eventually had my appetite … Continue reading Pregnancy Cravings. And the American foods I couldn’t find in the United Kingdom…