Top 5 Antique/ Vintage Hunting Tips

So, you like me and love a good bargain or generally drawn to items with a back story. Personally, I have always been drawn to mid-century mod and Scandinavian interiors, products, graphic design, architecture and of course always dreamt of owning a Frank Lloyd Wright home. While I don’t expect that to happen at any point soon, I’ve always enjoyed hunting for items for my … Continue reading Top 5 Antique/ Vintage Hunting Tips

Reality Check- International Travel with a Two Year Old

The last time we travelled with our son was when he was about 8 months old. We normally travel about once a year and thought we were quite experienced at the point we brought our child with us. But, travelling with children is a whole different ballpark. Reality Check 1: You will not be able to enjoy a movie or your meal. Yes, don’t expect … Continue reading Reality Check- International Travel with a Two Year Old

Fashion Edit- Vintage Groove City Jungle

Today I had a little photoshoot with my friend Rachel, whom I’ve met in the past from modelling. I have been looking at getting back into my “posing” swing…and get cracking on with my photography skills. Rachel was a star and was happy to be able to work with someone who understands the look and feel I like in my pictures. We actually shot these … Continue reading Fashion Edit- Vintage Groove City Jungle

The Ultimate 1st Birthday

This past weekend was Weston’s first birthday. Where has all this time gone? From squirmy wormy to toddling tot. As I wiped my burning teardrops…I asked myself…how do I keep my mind off thinking about how fast my little boy is growing? Put all my energy it planning a fun, engaging and epic 1st Birthday? Of course. Whatever keeps me from crying… Let’s start with … Continue reading The Ultimate 1st Birthday

They See Me Rollin’ With CarShop GB

Last week we had a great opportunity to borrow an Audi Q3 S-line from The CarShop in Norwich, Norfolk for the week because our family is at the stage of wanting a second car after receiving my UK licence…WOOHOO! We had a great experience with Carshop, who is considered the best-used car retailer in the industry winning 2017- Used Car Independent Retailer of The Year … Continue reading They See Me Rollin’ With CarShop GB

Decking The Halls

Fa la la la la la la… ‘Tis the seasoned folk and every year more in our home means every year more that we collect Christmas decorations, rearrange furniture and maybe add a gingerbread house to the “decking”. This year is the first time I’ve found a wreath pretty enough to put up…and that was difficult within itself- two command strips and some leftover Christmas … Continue reading Decking The Halls

Thankgiving at The Cates ft Mortons Traditional Taste

Its that time of year again and you’re debating continuously whether or not to put up the Christmas tree. For the English, I believe they start celebrating and prepping for Christmas the day after Halloween…well at least the retail world does. But hey wait…Thanksgiving is first for us Americans! I am not sure that the British will ever fully get it, no matter how many … Continue reading Thankgiving at The Cates ft Mortons Traditional Taste

Pumpkin Patchin’ 🎃🎃🎃🎃

Last weekend we attended Hill Farm Shop just outside Norwich to do Weston’s first pumpkin patchin’ We captured a few pictures and made some lovely memories along the way. I invited a Photography friend of mine who is also American and has his own blog… His wonderful wife Jodie, who I made fast friends with… And of course their beautiful baby girl Willow! … Continue reading Pumpkin Patchin’ 🎃🎃🎃🎃

My Birth Story- An Elective C-Section 

20th of May 2017 I gave birth to my baby, a beautiful boy, by elective c-section. The backstory as to why I had an elective caesarean – in a nutshell, it was an issue of previous spontaneous pneumothorax (clasped lungs) and potentially very large baby with the risk of shoulder dysplasia and in the end, a section was recommended as the safest and straightforward option. … Continue reading My Birth Story- An Elective C-Section