The Ultimate 1st Birthday

This past weekend was Weston’s first birthday. Where has all this time gone? From squirmy wormy to toddling tot. As I wiped my burning teardrops…I asked myself…how do I keep my mind off thinking about how fast my little boy is growing? Put all my energy it planning a fun, engaging and epic 1st Birthday? Of course. Whatever keeps me from crying… Let’s start with … Continue reading The Ultimate 1st Birthday

Expat Seclusion, Motherhood and The Real Nitty Gritty of Raising A Child Without a Village.

Is it true what they say? Does it really take a village to raise a child? I am nearly 12 months into taking motherhood by the basketballs and just trying to do my best at raising our son. Today was one of those days where I just felt so alone in this. Blogging/Instagram has been my sanity to keeping an identity for myself since moving … Continue reading Expat Seclusion, Motherhood and The Real Nitty Gritty of Raising A Child Without a Village.

Newborn Photography

Are you curious about what questions to ask a newborn baby photographer when looking to book a newborn shoot? My trusted photographer friend Jess Wilkins has stopped by to bring you mamas some great advice in regards to questions you should ask when booking your precious angels first photoshoot…and if your anything like me this is a BIG DEAL. Finding a trusted, well recommended professional … Continue reading Newborn Photography

Pumpkin Patchin’ 🎃🎃🎃🎃

Last weekend we attended Hill Farm Shop just outside Norwich to do Weston’s first pumpkin patchin’ We captured a few pictures and made some lovely memories along the way. I invited a Photography friend of mine who is also American and has his own blog… His wonderful wife Jodie, who I made fast friends with… And of course their beautiful baby girl Willow! … Continue reading Pumpkin Patchin’ 🎃🎃🎃🎃

Why We Choose *Attachment Parenting*

Disclaimer: Any style of parenting that fits your family lifestyle and what you feel works best….is best. Only the parent’s decisions toward the style of parenting their children will be right and work for them. This is not meant to persuade you or to make you feel like you’re not doing your job. I have written this for anyone who is interested in the elements … Continue reading Why We Choose *Attachment Parenting*

Traveling with a Baby- And How We Made It Easy

This was going to be our first official weekend break to Birmingham to attend my husband’s co-workers wedding. This was the first official ‘test’ run for the big travel event that would be eventually travelling on a plane for 8 hours to America, we tested it with a four-hour train journey with two transfers. Learning from the past weekend adventures we now feel confident about … Continue reading Traveling with a Baby- And How We Made It Easy

Motherhood- From Infancy and Beyond. The First Three Months 

I feel like I need to apologize on this blog for my continuous absence. It’s weird. It’s understandable. I want me to keep this blog going. This mom thing has me whipped. I have no idea how all those fancy mom bloggers do it. I hardly have time to stop for a bathroom break and eat lunch, let alone come up with new content that’s … Continue reading Motherhood- From Infancy and Beyond. The First Three Months 

Laction Smoothie 🍓🍌

STRAWBERRY AND BANANA LACTATION SMOOTHIE!!!! What adventure breastfeeding has been. I was successful breastfeeding for 6 weeks with the help of expressing and nipple shields. When Weston reached his first big growth leap I felt discouraged and with lack of support and fear of failure with self doubt, I started to top up with formula. Unfortunately, I didn’t listen to what everyone on the Facebook … Continue reading Laction Smoothie 🍓🍌