How Covid19 Changed My Marriage #MarriageReborn

Can a global pandemic affect a marriage? Of course, it can. Spending 24/7 with your spouse will show the true current state of any marriage. I am no marriage expert by any means but I can personally reference to my marriage, that included many factors that you would normally assume would affect two people who got married in their early twenties (20 and 24 years … Continue reading How Covid19 Changed My Marriage #MarriageReborn

P A N D E M I C ▪️ T R A V E L

You guys may already have know this but I am traveling internationally during the pandemic. I debated for awhile this choice but ultimately choose to fly back to the states to be with my father who is terminally ill. I don’t know how to talking about it…or maybe I just haven’t found the right words to share this story yet; but I didn’t want to … Continue reading P A N D E M I C ▪️ T R A V E L